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Episodes #51-#60
51) THE BRADY BRAVES- Bobby and Cindy help an Indian boy who has run away. When he returns to his family they make the Bradys members of their tribe.
1)Who was Jimmy?
2)What did Bobby and Cindy take to Jimmy to eat?
3)What food did Bobby put in the flashlight?
4)Jimmy's grandfathers name is chief _____. A)Bear Claw B)Eagle Cloud C)River Rock
5)What was Alice getting when she saw Jimmy and his grandfather?
6)What did Jimmy want to grow up to be?
7)When Bobby and Cindy sneak out who went with Greg to find them?
8)Who convinced Jimmy to return home?
9)Who was renamed Stalking Wolf?
10)Which Brady found Bobby and Cindy?
1)the Indian boy
2)hot dogs and beans
4) B)Eagle Cloud
6)an astronaut
52) JULIET IS THE SUN- When Marcia gets the lead in the school play she thinks she's not good enough to play Juliet, but after her family convinces her she is, her head swells.
1)What is Peter's line in the play?
2)What is Jan's line in the play?
3)What part did Marcia try out for?
4)True or False Alice went to the play?
5)Why was Marcia thrown out of the play?
6)True or False Marcia cries in this episode?
7)Romeo was played by A)Billy B)Harvey C)Harold
8)Who said "you are what you think you are."
9)True or False Alice suggested the kids should flatter Marcia.
10)Did Marcia end up playing a Capulet or a Montague?
2)"Who goes there!"
3)the nurse
5)she got a swelled head and was too hard to work with.
7) C)Harold
10)a Capulet
53) THE WHEELER DEALER- Greg is coned into buying a lemon of a car and after he fails at fixing it up, he tries the same con to sell it to someone else.
1)What color is the car?
2)How much did the car cost?
3)How much did Greg sell the car for?
4)Who did Greg sell the car to?
5)What did Jan stir the paint with?
6)Who was teaching Greg to drive?
7)When Greg brought home the car what got stuck turned 'on'?
8)How did Greg have to get in the car?
9)Who cleaned the upholstery?
10)What does "caveat emptor" mean?
4)the junk yard
5)a wrench
7)the horn
10)Buyer beware
54) THE PERSONALITY KID- Peter's convinced he lacks personality and tries to make one up, until during his own party, he discovers the chicks dig him like he is.
1)What adjective did Peter use to describe himself?
2)What were the Bradys having for dinner?
3)How many personalities did Peter try?
4)What did Alice carry outside during the fire drill?
5)What happened when Peter told his jokes at his party?
6)Why can't a horse go to college?
7)What celebrity voice did Peter try to imitate?
8)What did Peter reenact and describe for Marcia and her friend?
9)Which two kids were on a safety kick?
10)How many fire drills were there?
2)pork chops and applesauce
4)a chicken
5)someone else would tell the punchline
6)because he can't finish high school
7)Humphrey Bogart
8)a movie
9)Bobby and Cindy
55) HER SISTER'S SHADOW- Marcia and her awards get to Jan after she can't seem to win at anything, until her essay wins a contest at school.
1)What subject was Jan's essay on?
2)Who wanted to walk Jan home from school?
3)What did Jan audition for?
4)Who found Marcia's awards after Jan hid them?
5)Was Greg in this episode?
6)Where did Jan put Marcia's trophies?
7)What did Jan use for pom poms?
8)Marcia became editor of the A)yearbook B)newspaper C)next 2 Brady Bunch episodes
9)What are Jan's school colors?
10)What was the score Jan originally got on her essay? A)98 B)95 C)100
3)the pom pom girls
6)in the closet
7)mops (even though Alice was making paper ones)
9)yellow and blue
10) A)98
56) THE TEETER-TOTTER CAPER- Bobby and Cindy attempt to set a teeter-totter record after being made to feel that little kids can't do anything important.
1)Who came to see Cindy and Bobby?
2)Where did Cindy and Bobby get the idea for a record?
3)Who called the newspaper?
4)Who took Cindy's place when she had to go to the bathroom?
5)Why did they stop?
6)True or False Bobby and Cindy got their pictures in the paper.
7)Did Bobby and Cindy break the record?
8)What event could Bobby and Cindy not attend?
9)What time did they start? A)9:07am B)10:10am C)8:03am
10)What color was the teeter-totter?
1)a newspaper reporter
2)from a show on the TV
3)Bobby and Cindy
5)they fell asleep
8)a wedding
9) C)8:03am
10)green and red
57) MY SISTER BENEDICT ARNOLD- When Marcia goes out with Warren, who beat Greg out for a team at school, Greg retaliates by dating a cheerleading rival of Marcia's.
1)Say the Filmore Jr. High cheer.
2)What prize did Alice win at the carnival?
3)True or False The dunking booth was for the high school carnival.
4)What did Greg say he and his cheerleader would be doing at the house?
5)The cheerleaders name was A)Cathy B)Peggy C)Jenny
6)What was the big deal about Warren that made Marcia so exited when he asked her out?
7)What sport did Warren beat Greg out for?
8)What did Carol and Marcia paint?
9)What two people got dunked?
10)True or False Carol didn't want Marcia to date Warren.
1)FF-FIL-LL-LMO-OO-ORE Filmore Jr. High!
3)false (jr. high)
4)studyingazgregbook.gif (22777 bytes)
5) A)Cathy
6)he was a high school boy
8)the dunking booth sign
9)Cindy and Alice
58) THE PRIVATE EAR- When Peter's siblings find out he's been recording their conversations, they teach him a lesson by planting a phony message about a surprise party for him.
1)Who's tape recorder did Peter use?
2)Who does he record first?
3)What sin of Greg's does Peter record his telling Marcia about?
4)What was Peter's punishment?
5)Who plants the phony recording about the surprise party?
6)What is Marcia and Greg's fake reason for the surprise party?
7)Where were Mike and Carol going for the weekend?
8)What gift did Peter get?
9)Name one thing Peter hints at for gifts.
10)Name the people he didn't tape.
3)an overdue library book
4)nothing except apologize
5)Marcia and Greg
6)Peter got an 'A' at school
8)a tape recorder
9)cowboy boots, a mitt, a typewriter, or records
10)Alice, Mike and Carol
59) AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR- The Bradys are chosen to star in a t.v. commercial and get an acting coach to help them prepare, but only after having a contest to make sure the new soap is better than their old one.
1)What did Marcia and Jan smear all over each other?
2)Why did Mike not want everyone to do the commercial?
3)True or False The Commercial ended up a big success.
4)During the soap tests who knew which pile of clothes was which soap?
5)What was the first name of the commercial director?
6)What were the Bradys doing when they were "discovered"?
7)What did the kids do wrong in the commercial?
8)Name the soap.
9)What special acting technique did Myrna teach?
10)As payment the Bradys received how many boxes of soap? A)2000 B)1000 C)500
2)because they didn't use that soap brand
6)grocery shopping
7)they got too dirty
10) A)2000
60) CLICK- Against Carols wishes Greg plays football and when he gets hurt she doesn't let him continue. He pursues his photography hobby and takes a crucial photo of a disputed play.
1)What body part does Greg hurt in the game?
2)Who did Greg take the most pictures of?
3)Why did Alice like Bobby's picture of her?
4)Who developed Greg's pictures?
5)True or False Greg was on the first string.
6)Why didn't Carol want Greg to play?
7)What happened to Greg's arm?
8)Who erased Alice's recipe?
9)What position did Greg end up with?
10)What body part did Greg enlarge in his photo of the game?
1)his ribs
2)a cheerleader (Lynette)
3)the picture had her recipe in it
6)she was afraid he would get hurt
7)it got bruised
9)team photographer
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