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Episodes #61-#70
61) THE NOT-SO-ROSE-COLORED GLASSES- When Jan avoids wearing her new glasses she accidentally destroys the new family portrait and she must scramble to assemble the kids and get a new one taken before Mike can find out.
1)What did Jan sell to pay for the new picture?
2)Who saw Jan destroy the picture?
3)Where did they hang the picture?
4)What was Jan's punishment?
5)What did Alice use to fake a swelling tooth?
6)What was the picture a gift for?
7)How did Mike know it was a new picture?
8)What did Jan mistakenly bring home from the park?
9)Name everyone in the picture.
10)How did Jan destroy the picture?
1)her bike
3)Mike and Carol's bedroom
6)Mike and Carol's anniversary
7)Jan had on her glasses
8)the wrong bike
9)Marcia, Greg, Jan, Peter, Bobby, Cindy
10)She ran over it with her bike.
62) LITTLE BIG MAN- Bobby frets over his size and tries to make himself grow, but he realizes being small has it's good side when he saves Greg and himself from being locked in Sam's meat locker.
1)How did Bobby try to make himself taller?
2)How did Bobby get a black eye?
3)Alice sent Bobby to get A)sausage B)ham C)hamburger
4)What did Greg use to break the meat locker window?
5)True or False Bobby opened the door and let Greg out.
6)What was Bobby trying to help Greg do when Greg saved his life?
7)What did Greg get a job doing?
8)What was Greg saving money to buy?
9)What did the girls do to try to make Bobby feel better?
10)Who did Peter throw water on at the end?
1)stretch himself
2)a fight
3) A)sausage
4)an ax handle
5)false (Mike did)
6)fix a shutter
7)Sam's delivery boy
8)a surfboard
9)They each moved the tape he was using to measure himself.
63) GETTING DAVY JONES- Marcia promises she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school. Then she finds he's not as easy to reach as she thought until he tracks her down after overhearing her break down to his manager.
1)At what event did Marcia promise Davy would come?
2)What did Marcia dress up as to get into the hotel?
3)True or False Davy Jones and Carol have the same hairstyle.
4)Who was Marcia's date?
5)What was the name of the song Davy sang?
6)Where did Marcia finally track down Davy?
7)Did Davy kiss Marcia or did Marcia kiss Davy?
8)Who went with Marcia to the hotel to see Davy?
9)What had Davy done to make Marcia think he would sing at her event?
10)Who went with Marcia to the TV station?
1)her prom
2)a bus boy
4)Davy Jones
6)the recording studio
7)Marcia kissed Davy
9)he wrote her a letter
64) DOUGH-RE-MI-Greg writes a song and the kids form a group to record it, but when Peter hits puberty and his voice begins to change they must decide if they should record the song without him.
1)How much did the studio cost? A)$50 B)$100 C)$150
2)Where did Peter try to 'yell' his voice back to normal?
3)How many people were in the singing group?
4)Who voted twice?
5)Where did Greg write his songs?
6)What was the name of Greg's second song?
7)Who's idea was it to have all the kids sing?
8)What was the name of the kid's singing group?
9)True or False Mike helped the kids pay for the recording studio.
10)What's the name of Greg's first song?
1) C)$150
2)in the station wagon
5)his room
6)'Time To Change'
8)Brady 6
10)'We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter'
65) THE BIG BET- When Bobby wins a chin-ups contest with Greg he takes his power too far when he forces Greg to take him along on his date.
1)True or False Greg bet Bobby he could do twice as many chin-ups.
2)What two Bradys besides Bobby and Greg had a bet going?
3)What did Bobby make Greg shine?
4)What food was Bobby eating in the car?
5)What did Bobby use to put a hole in the top of the car?
6)How many chin-ups did Bobby do? A)14 B)9 C)11
7)What big event did Mike and Carol go to?
8)Where did Greg go on his date?
9)True or False The loser of the bet had to do the winners chores.
10)Who was Rachel?
2)Mike and Carol
3)Bobby's shoes
5)an umbrella
6) C)11
7)Mike's high school reunion
8)a drive-in movie
9)false(the loser had to do whatever the winner said)
10)Greg's date
66) JAN'S AUNT JENNY- Jan freaks when she thinks she may grow up to look like her ugly aunt Jenny until her aunt visits and she realizes how neat she is and how little looks matter.
1)Was Jenny Carol or Mike's aunt?
2)What Chevy Chase movie does aunt Jenny star in?
3)What room did aunt Jenny stay in?
4)What did they eat with?
5)What kind of car did Jenny arrive in?
6)Where did they find the picture of the young aunt Jenny?
7)What was Mike repairing?
8)What gift did Peter get from aunt Jenny?
9)Bobby's basketball was signed by A)Dr. J B)Wilt Chamberlin C)Magic Johnson
10)Jenny sent an autographed cast of her A)arm B)foot C)leg
3)the girls room
4)chop sticks
5)a limousine
6)the attic
7)a gramophone
9) B)Wilt Chamberlain
10) C)leg
67) CINDY BRADY, LADY- Cindy feels left out of her sister's discussions on boys so Bobby makes her up a secret admirer. When he bribes a friend to do it Cindy nearly scares him off by pretending to be mature.
1)What did Cindy and her admirer do on their date?
2)Who caught Bobby?
3)Cindy was reading A)Dickens B)Shakespeare C)Hemmingway
4)Who's clothes did Cindy dress up in?
5)What did Mike and Greg work on (repair)?
6)How old was Cindy in this episode?
7)Name 3 of the 5 things Cindy got from her admirer?
8)How much did Bobby try to give the boy to play with Cindy?
9)What was the boy's name that Bobby got to be Cindy's admirer?
10)What did the new admirer give Cindy at the end?
3) C)Hemingway
5)the car
7)love letters, candy bars, a ring, flowers, hair ribbon
8)a half dollar
10)a lizard
68) THE POWER OF THE PRESS- Peter tries to get a bad grade changed by writing nice things in his school paper about the teacher who gave it to him.
1)What grade did Peter get on his science final?
2)Who tried to help Peter study?
3)Where did Carol find Peter's test paper?
4)True or False Peter's column on Mr. Price did appear in his school paper?
5)Which of the following did Peter not receive as a gift A)money B)candy C)party invitations
6)What was Peter's nickname?
7)What was Marcia practicing for her Jamboree Night?
8)What was the name of Peter's science teacher?
9)What color hat did Peter wear?
10)Did Peter get punished for his bad science grade?
1)a 'D'
2)Marcia and Greg
3)in Peter's jacket
5) A)money
6)Scoop Brady
7)a puppet show
8)Mr. Price
69) SERGEANT EMMA- When Alice goes on vacation she gets the sergeant to take over. The Bradys soon revolt and scheme to find a way to get rid of her and the military rules and way of life she forces on them.
1)What animal did Bobby and Cindy try to scare Emma with?
2)What did Emma see to make her think there was going to be a party?
3)What was Emma always blowing?
4)True or False Mike and Carol had to exercise too?
5)True or False Bobby and Cindy thought Emma was cool?
6)How were Alice and Emma related?
7)How long was Alice gone?
8)What did Emma make the Bradys do in the yard?
9)What time did Emma wake everyone?
10)Who did the Bradys have a party for?
1)a mouse
2)a cake
3)a whistle
7)a week
70) THE FENDER BENDERS- Carol gets in an accident and must prove in court that it wasn't her fault.
1)What did Mr. Brady drop in court?
2)Were Peter and Jan in the court room?
3)Cindy was judge in a dispute between Peter and Jan over what food item?
4)What did Cindy say Bobby spilled on her dress?
5)Who drove "Mr. Dugan's car" in the reenactment
6)What did Mr. Dugan wear around his neck in court?
7)Who was in the car when the accident happened?
8)What side of the station wagon got hit?
9)Who told Mike the car was damaged?
10)Did Marcia see Carol look back (before she backed the car out)?
1)a briefcase
3)a candy bar
4)ice cream
6)a neck brace
7)Carol, Marcia, Cindy, and Bobby
8)the passenger side

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