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Episodes #41- #50


41) WHERE THERE'S SMOKE- Greg's parents find out he tried smoking and have to decide weather to trust him even when a pack falls from his jacket. The real owner, a band mate, is soon discovered.
1)Name the band Greg joined.
2)Who saw Greg smoking?
3)Who told Mike and Carol Greg was smoking?
4)Who smoked when they were young, Mike or Carol?
5)What was Greg's punishment?
6)What kind of committee did Carol join?
7)Who discovered Greg had the wrong jacket?
8)Did Mike and Carol believe Greg when he said he only smoked once?
9)Complete Greg's song lyric: "Clowns never laughed before and beanstalks never___."
10)What did Greg continually not do with his jacket A)hang it up B)wash it C)sew it
1)The Banana Convention
2)Jan and Cindy
10) A)hang it up
42) WILL THE REAL JAN BRADY PLEASE STAND UP- Jan wants to set herself apart from her sisters so she buys a wig to wear at a party.
1)Who pulls the towel off Jan's head?
2)Who was the name on the invitation for Jan?
3)Who does Jan give the wig to?
4)What kind of party were Jan and Peter going to?
5)Who was Margie?
6)Where does Jan get the money to buy the wig?
7)Who are the first two Bradys to see Jan in her wig?
8)Why does Peter want money from Mike?
9)What color was the wig?
10)The host of the party's name was_____. A)Margie B)Emily C)Lucy
4)birthday party
5)a girl with a crush on Peter
6)she borrowed it from Peter
7)Marcia and Cindy
8)need it to buy a birthday gift
10) C)Lucy
43) OUR SON, THE MAN- Greg gets his own room and turns it and himself into a groovy and more mature look, until he realizes he's overdone it and being a kid isn't so bad.
1)What grade was Greg in?
2)What did Greg call Mike and Carol after his transformation into groovy Greg?
3)Where were the Bradys going for the weekend?
4)What did Greg call sunglasses?
5)Did Greg go on the weekend trip?
6)The most used word in this episode was A)cool B)funky C)crazy
7)What did Greg borrow from Mike?
8)Why did Greg want his own room?
9)What room became Greg's?
10)Who was Greg trying to impress with his new clothes?
2)Mike and Carol
3)camping (at Mt. Claymore)
6) B)funky
7)his razor
9)the den
10)a chick(girl)
44) THE LIBERATION OF MARCIA BRADY- Marcia tries to join Greg's scouting group to prove girls can do anything boys can. The boys retaliate by having Peter join Marcia's scouting group, the Sunflower Girls.
1)What was Marcia doing when Greg tells her she passed her initiation?
2)What part of the Sunflower Girls uniform did Peter not have to wear?
3)Why did Marcia quit the scouts?
4)Greg's scout troop was troop #_____?
5)Name Greg's scout group.
6)What subject was the reporter asking Marcia about?
7)Who was the scoutmaster?
8)Why can't Greg be a sunflower Girl?
9)Name 2 things Marcia must do to pass her initiation.
10)Does anyone buy Peter's sunflower Girls cookies?
1)sleeping in the tent
2)the skirt
3)she only joined to prove she could do anything a boy could do and had proved that with the initiation
5)Frontier Scouts
6)women's rights or women's lib
8)he was too old
9)put up the tent, start a fire with sticks, follow a trail in the woods
45) LIGHTS OUT- Peter stars in a show at school with his magic act but the magic spooks Cindy out of being his assistant until she learns how it works.
1)What kind of show did Peter try out for?
2)What was the name of the trick Cindy was afraid of?
3)What was on the back of Peter's cape?
4)Why did Cindy take over for Jan at the auditions?
5)Who did Peter practice his act in front of?
6)Why did Cindy sleep with Mike and Carol?
7)Who's disappearance in the cabinet made Cindy quit as Peter's assistant?
8)Did Mike buy the disappearing cabinet?
9)Who made Peter's cape?
10)True or False Peter had a card trick in his act?
1)a vaudeville show
2)the disappearing cabinet
3)Peter the Great
4)Jan sprained her ankle
5)the family and Alice
6)she was afraid of the dark
8)no, he built it
46) THE WINNER- All the Brady kids have trophies except Bobby, when he fails to win one in an ice cream eating contest on t.v. the family gives him one for trying so hard.
1)What is Bobby's favorite kind of ice cream?
2)What did Cindy get a trophy for?
3)What kind of ice cream does Bobby eat on the show?
4)Whose modified trophy did Bobby end up with?
5)What was the name of the show he was on? A)Cartoon Carnival B)Cartoon King
C)Kids Cartoons
6)What team did Bobby play on in his dream?
7)What number was Bobby in his dream?
8)What 3 sports did Bobby dream about?
9)What did Alice get a trophy for?
10)What did Bobby sell to try to win a trophy?
2)playing jacks
5) B)Cartoon King
6)the Dodgers
8)baseball, ski jumping, speed boat racing
10)magazine subscriptions
47) DOUBLE PARKED- Carol and the kids try to save their park by fighting city hall who's planning to put a building on it that Mike' s firm is designing.
1)What was the name of the park?
2)What city building was going to be put in place of the park?
3)What does Mike's boss threaten to do if Carol keeps fighting for the park?
4)Which two Bradys first find out the park is closing?
5)Who cleaned the park?
6)True or False Mike wants Carol to keep fighting for the park.
7)Where does Mike finally find a good place for city hall?
8)True or False Carol volunteered to be chairperson of the save the park committee.
9)Who goes with Alice to get petitions signed?
10)Does Cindy like going to the dump?
1)Woodland Park
3)fire Mike
4)Marcia and Jan
5)the kids
7)the city dump
9)Bobby and Cindy (and Marcia, but she isn't seen)
48) ALICE'S SEPTEMBER SONG- An old flame visits Alice but turns out to be after only her money, until Sam puts him in his place.
1)Who took the unreadable phone message from Mark for Alice?
2)What was Mike helping the boys build?
3)Who waited up for Alice to get back from her date?
4)Did Sam know about Mark?
5)True or False Mark proposed to Alice.
6)Who found out Mark was a swindler?
7)What did Sam knock Mark out with?
8)Who poured water on Mark?
9)At the end where did Sam take Alice and the kids?
10)Mark's last name was A)Mason B)Malloy C)Millard
2)a model airplane
3)Mike and Carol
7)meat(leg of lamb)
9)to the park on a picnic
10) C)Millard
49) GHOST TOWN USA- The Brady vacation starts with a visit to a ghost town where an old settler, Zachariah Brown, locks them in jail.
1)What did Mike use to make a lasso?
2)What finally knocked the key down?
3)What did Mr. Brown say the Bradys were wanting to steal?
4)Who went with Mike to get help?
5)What did Mr. Brown steal?
6)After stopping for gas who did the Bradys almost leave behind?
7)Which kid was the stage coach robber?
8)Who was Bessie?
9)While in the jail who first noticed the key?
10)What food did Alice give Mr. Brown?
2)a boot
3)his gold
5)the station wagon with the camper (and a chicken leg)
8)Mr. Browns mule
50) GRAND CANYON OR BUST- The Bradys finally get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where Bobby and Cindy get lost.
1)Who does the recap of the previous show?
2)When Greg called on the phone he fixed who answered?
3)Who pulled the plow to try to spell help?
4)Who cried?
5)How did the Bradys get to the bottom of the canyon?
6)What were Bobby and Cindy chasing when they got lost?
7)Who stayed at camp during the search?
8)Did the Bradys stay in a hotel?
9)What kind of dance do the Indians do?
10)What was Bobby looking for in the rocks?
5)they rode mules
6)the Indian boy
9)a rain dance

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