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General Brady Bunch Trivia

1)What is Carol's maiden name? 1)Tyler
2)What is Carol's former married name? 2)Martin
3)What is Alice's last name? 3)Nelson
4)What is Sam's last name? 4)Franklin
5)What is the name of the Brady's next door neighbor? 5)Dittmier
6)Name the family members who had braces. 6)Jan, Marcia, Cindy, Bobby
7)Name the family members who wore glasses. 7)Jan, Oliver
8)How many patio doors were there and where were they? 8)3- Dining Room, Kitchen, Family Room
9)Who won a stereo? 9)Alice
10)What color was the refrigerator? 10)green
11)Which Brady was always having dreams? 11)Bobby
12)What color was the living room telephone? 12)green
13)How many rooms were there in the house? 13)10 (11 with attic)
14)What is there a statue of next to the stairs? 14)horse
15)Name the cat and how many episodes it was in. 15)Fluffy -1
16)What are the names of Alice's sisters? 16)Emily and Myrtle
17)Which Brady cast members had ankle problems, real or faked? 17)Jan, Peter, Bobby, Cindy, Alice
18)What was the Brady's favorite indoor game? 18)checkers
19)What two colors were the kitchen? 19)orange and green
20)By the last episode which Bradys could drive? 20)Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia





21)How many times did the Brady's get in the newspaper? 21)3- Father of the year, Peter the Hero, the teeter-totter record
22)What year did Robert Reed die? 22)1992
23)What is Mike's middle name? 23) Paul
24) What does Mike do for a living? 24)Architect
25)What is Carol's midde name? 25)Ann
26) What is the street address of the Brady's? 26) 4222 Clinton Way
27)Where did Carol go to high school? 27)Westdale
28)Where did the kids go to high school? 28)Westdale
29)Where did the kids go to jr. high? 29)Filmore Jr. High
30)What year did Greg graduate? 30)1974
31)Name all of Greg's jobs. 31)deivery boy for Mike and then Sam, babysat, band member
32)Name all of Peter's jobs. 32)Bike shop, ice cream clerk, pizza delivery
33) Name all Brady kids who appeared in a school play (Snow White not included). 33)Marcia, Jan, Peter, Cindy
34)Who's nickname was scoop Brady? 34)Peter
35)Name the Brady Elementary school. 35)Clinton Avenue Elem.
36)Who had Acrophobia? 36)Bobby
37)Who was voted most popular girl? 37)Jan

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