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Below is a list of the best Brady Bunch episodes.  These are the shows superior in overall quality. These episodes contain excellent writing, comedy or are uniquely Brady.

Best of the Brady's

#7 Father of the Year- A very well written, heartwarming, tearjerking, episode.

#14 Every Boy Does It Once- A very well written, heartwarming, tearjerking, episode.

#30 The Slumber Caper- Well written and excellent communication of the moral.

#38 The Not-So-Ugly Duckling- The root of all Jan's problems, it's funny, and well acted.

#42 Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up-Hilarious, vintage Jan angst.

#64 Dough Re Mi-The introduction of the singing Bradys, music and moral makes this one.

#76 Cyrano de Brady-Comedy honors to Marcia and Greg. This one's underrated.

#77 Fright Night-Classic Brady Horror. A great script, to be watched every Halloween.

#80 Jan, the Only Child-With a square dance and a potato sack race this one's vintage.

#90 The Subject Was Noses-Great writing and a great big nose.

#101 Getting Greg's Goat-Hilariously written with great acting by Robert Reed.

Fan Favorites:  These episodes just missed out on the top ten but are the most popular among fans.

#41 Where There's Smoke

#43 Our Son, The Man

#55 Her Sister's Shadow

#63 Getting Davy Jones

#72, #73, #74 The Hawaii Trilogy

#92 Amateur Night

#98 Adios, Johnny Bravo


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