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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are they now?
(last update 8-'13)
Contact: I can't confirm they are accurate, check official websites for most current info
Carol/ Florence Henderson: still sings and acts.  Watch her online here on a show for Retirement Living Channel "Who's Cooking with Florence Henderson" Florence Henderson
P.O. Box 11295
Marina Del Ray, CA 90295

kickass official website

Alice/ Ann B. Davis: Now retired from acting she currently lives near San AntonioTexas in a Episcopal group house, where she is involved in prayer, bible study, and charity work.  
Greg/ Barry Williams: Still acting and singing wrote "Growing up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg" Does a lot of theatre work and hosts a radio show on Sirrius radio's 70's station.  Barry Williams
23679 Calabasas Road
Calabasas, CA 91302

 official web site

Peter/ Chris Knight: Has several business ventures including a furniture line. along side his occasional acting roles.   Divorced from his last wife Adrienne Curry in 2012. 
Christopher Knight
1601 N. Sepulveda #790
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Bobby/ Mike Lookinland: Works behind the scenes for years in movie production in Utah.  Now does concrete counter tops.  Married for over a dozen years and has 2 sons. Michael Lookinland
2839 E. 2960 South
Salt Lake, UT 84109
Marcia/ Maureen McCormick: Still acting and singing. Released a country album. Currently doing the reality show circuit.  Married and has one teenage daughter. Maureen McCormick
1925 Century Park E Suite #2320
LA, California 90067
Official Website
Jan/ Eve Plumb: Still acts and also creates paintings and lithographs. Divorced
Eve Plumb
280 S. Beverly Blvd. # 400
Beverly Hills, CA. -90212-
Official Website


Cindy/ Susan Olsen: Worked as a graphic designer and currently paints and is involved in animal advocacy causes.  She is on her second husband and has one son.  
Susan Olsen
8383 Wilshire Blvd. # 954
Beverly Hills, CA. -90211

facebook page

Oliver/Robbie Rist: Plays in many bands and does voice over work. official website
How old are/were the kids now/then?
Susan born 1961
Eve 1958
Maureen 1956
Mike 1960
Chris 1957
Barry 1954
The show ran from 1969 to 1974. You do the math.
What is the address of the Brady house? Was the house real?
Floorplans can be downloaded on the downloads page.
The address on the show was 4222 Clinton Way, no town or state was given. 
The actual house that was used for the exterior shots is located at 11222 Dilling St., North Hollywood, California. Apparently it straddles the Studio City/North Hollywood boundary so there are varying opinions on whether it's North Hollywood or Studio City.  Who cares really, it comes up on mapquest with either selected so unless you are sending them a letter, let's move on.    Interiors were shot on a soundstage at Paramount and those sets no longer exist.  
Here is  Brady Fan Scott Gollas' photos from a pilgrimage to the real Brady Bunch Houses
Here is Scott's You Tube channel with virtual tours of the Brady House
Here is an article by David Brady on the Brady house
What happened to Mike & Carol's first wife & husband?
Mike's wife died and there is a scene in the pilot where Mike and Bobby discuss her. The fate of Carol's husband is never mentioned.  Show creator Sherwood Schwartz wanted her to be divorced but the network wouldn't have it so he didn't resolve it on the show.
Is _______ (insert cast member here) dead?
Robert Reed died in 1992. He is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie, Illinois.
Allan Melvin died 17 January 2008 from cancer in California. 
All other cast members are still alive.
Was Robert Reed/ Mike gay, did he die of Aids?
Robert Reed was divorced with one child and he never publicly "came out" as a homosexual, but it is widely believed that he was.  He was infected with HIV.  His death certificate lists his cause of death as colon cancer.
Did someone else ever play Jan, or any other cast member?
No. In the original series no cast members were replaced.  In subsequent reunions some cast members were replaced.
When was the show on/off?
The show ran from 1969 to 1974
Is the Brady Bunch still on TV?
Yes, it hasn't been off the air since it was cancelled, it has lived on in syndication.  
Was Cindy in a porn movie?
No, she did provide some sound effects audio for one and that is where the rumor started.azgregbook.gif (22777 bytes)
Did Greg/ Barry Williams and Carol /Florence Henderson date?
No, she went on one pity date with him when he was a teen with a crush on her.
Did any of the kids "hook up"?
Susan and Mike had a little thing as kids and so did Barry and Maureen as teens.  Eve and Chris had a very short thing after the show was finished, for details on all of these read Barry's book

**For basic episode questions (last names etc.) please check the general trivia page.

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