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Season 5

95)Snow White and the Seven Bradys-The Brady's all star in a play to raise money.

Best Line: "A funny thing happened on the way to the market." -Mike
Funniest Line: "Give her another bite of that apple." -Doc (Greg)
Cindy Cuteness Factor: -1
Moral: Don't be a quitter. (At one point Cindy threatened to give up.)
Brady Commentary: This is possibly the worst adaptation of Snow White that's ever been done.


96)Mail Order Hero-Bobby lies and tells his friends he knows Joe Nameth, but when he comes to town his friends call his bluff. Joe visits after receiving a phony letter about Bobby being sick.

Neat-O Moment: The Brady backyard turned into a football field.
Best Line: "We don't even know Joe Nameth. Do we Mike? -Carol
Most Wholesome Moment: Cindy helping Bobby and writing the letter.
Moral: "When you bluff someone may call you on it." -Mike
Brady Commentary: Maybe Marcia should have written Davy Jones saying she was very, very sick in episode #63.


97)The Elopement-The Bradys mistakenly get the idea that Alice and Sam are eloping.

Neat-O Moments: Alice getting engaged, Greg's big blue bow tie, and Sam giving Alice lamb chops and pink panties. (Did he actually say that?)
Best Line: "Take care of our girl." -Mike (to Sam)
Funniest Line: "Maybe we can buy our meat wholesale now." -Cindy
Brady Commentary: Why does Alice consider an electric mixer a romantic wedding gift?
Theme: Mistaken Idea


98)Audios,Johnny Bravo-Greg is chosen to be Johnny Bravo but when he learns it wasn't because of his singing he rejoins the rest of the kids to sing.

Neat-O Moment: Peter messing up the intricate Brady choreography at the end of the "Good Time Music" number.
Best Line: "Adios Johnny Bravo!" -Greg
Moral: "Fame is a fleeting thing, but a college education will last you a lifetime." -Carol
Brady Commentary: The Brady parents are so understanding through Greg's decision not to go to college so he can become a rock star that it's disappointing to not hear him get a full fledged lecture.


99)Your Never Too Young-Bobby thinks he's in love after getting his first kiss from a girl named Millicent.

Neat-O Moments: Carol saying she found a 1920's dress in a trunk in the attic. Does this mean Greg keeps trunks in his room with women's clothing in them?
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike and Carol's singing a duet of "I wanna be loved by you."
Best Line: "If you had to get the mumps you got 'em the best way you could get 'em." -Mike
Moral: Don't be afraid to tell your parents anything.
Brady Commentary: Now is a good time to question why we still see the dog house in the yard even though we haven't seen Tiger in 2 years.


100)Peter and the Wolf-Greg's girlfriend needs a date for a visiting relative and Greg is stuck dressing up Peter to look older to use him but when the girls catch on they come up with a plan to get back at them.

Best Line: "What's that wild scent your wearing?" -Peter  "Buttered Popcorn." -Peter's date
Moral: Act your age, and don't pretend to be something or someone your not.
Brady Commentary: Peter is the ultimate bumbling goof in this official Peter bashing episode with Bobby, Cindy, Jan, and Greg all getting jabs in, but this all lends itself to helping make this one of the funniest shows of the series.


101)Getting Greg's Goat-Greg steals an opposing teams mascot goat and tries to hide it in the house while Carol is giving a tour.

Best Line: "Look Raquel, you had a pretty rough night so why don't you take a little nap."-Greg
Funniest Line: "I should have never gotten involved with a beast like that."(Raquel) -Greg "That is a dreadful thing to say about a girl no matter what she looks like." -Mike
Theme: Mistaken idea
Brady Commentary: This is the single funniest episode ever. The look on Mike's face alone, when he thinks Greg has had a girl in his room for an entire night, is hilarious.


102)Cincinnati Kids-The Bradys go to Kings Island amusement park where Mike's plans get mixed up with a poster of Jan's which she losses and the whole family must search for the plans in the park.

Neat-O Moment: The rain falling in the scene when Mike hands over the sketches. That's the only time rain is ever seen on the show, of course in the very next scene it's sunny again.
Funniest Line: "I'm filling in for my brother, he's an animal." -Marge "Aren't we all?" -Greg
Best Line: "Marcia look, I found it!" -Jan
Theme: Vacation


103)Quarterback Sneak-Carol's high school flame visits as Marcia tries to date the opposing team's quarterback Jerry Rogers. The boys spot trying to take Greg's football playbook. They set a trap with a phony playbook as bait.

Unwholesome Moment: Carol snuggling up to her ex-boyfriend.
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Greg)
Best Line: "Look man the books a phony." -Greg (to Jerry)
Funniest Line: "Jerry Rogers, quarterback and dreamy." -Marcia
Moral: Fair play is important on both sides.


104)Marcia Gets Creamed-Marcia, then Peter, then Jan all get jobs at Haskell's when the manager takes time off until Peter, then Marcia get the boot.

# of Carol Lectures: 1 (to Peter)
Most Wholesome Moment: Jan offering to quit and let Marcia have the job.
Best Line: "If I have to make a choice I have to choose Jan." -Mr. Haskell
Funniest Line: "In the ice cream business if you slow down you melt." -Mr. Haskell
Moral: Don't take advantage of your relatives.
Brady Commentary: Yea for Jan, but what ever happened to "last hired, first fired". Doesn't Marcia's boyfriend have an eerie resemblance to Robby Benson?  He was later on "Shazaam!"


105)My Brothers Keeper-When Peter thinks Bobby is his hero he agrees to be his slave. Bobby takes advantage of this causing a rift and a decision to split their room, until Peter saves Bobbys life.

Neat-O Moment: Bobby flushes the upstairs toilet that has never been seen.
Best Line: "Bobby, you saved my life, thanks, I owe you my life." -Peter
Moral: Don't take advantage of people.
Brady Commentary: Peter learned this lesson in the last episode, now it's Bobby's turn. After this bad episode it's a good thing we don't have to sit through all the Bradys learning this lesson.  Greg takes a phone call upstairs.  Now they have an upstairs phone line again?


106)Try, Try, Again-Jan thinks she's a no talent loser when she's a clutz at dancing, pon poms and acting until she discovers her one talent.

Best Lines: "Why don't you say it I'm strictly a no talent, I'll never be good at anything, never!" -Jan "Jan really has no talent for tap dancing." -Marcia (in front of Jan)
Most Wholesome Moment: Everyone letting Jan win.
Moral: Don't be a quitter, keep trying.
Brady Commentary: Alternate episode title: Jan the loser. Why did the kids tell Jan they were letting her win?


107)Kelly's Kids-The Kelly's adopt three diverse boys who run away to the Bradys after thinking their causing trouble for their parents in their community.

Best Line: "The Kelly Rainbow." -Carol (referring to the Kelly family)
Most Wholesome Moment: The group hug of the Kelly family at the end.
Funniest Line: "You three are definitely not Greg, Peter and Bobby." -Alice (after seeing the Kelly kids in the Brady family room)
Moral: Can't we all just get along.
Brady Commentary: As the pilot for an attempt a new series it's the least Brady-like episode, obviously because the Bradys are hardly even in it.


108)The Driver's Seat-Greg and Marcia bet on who's the better driver. Jan and Marcia get lessons on concurring their fear then Marcia competes with Greg on a Brady made obstacle driving course.

Neat-O Moment: Cindy begins wearing her hair down.
Most Sexist Line: "Men are naturally superior drivers." -Greg
Best Line: "Resolved, you can sit there full of self-pity or you can be mature and do something about it. Pick a side." -Marcia and then Jan
Theme: Male vs Female
Brady Commentary: Another case of Mike and Carol not only condoning gambling but encouraging it by making a driving course. How many bets does Greg have to lose before he learns his lesson?


109)Miss Popularity-Jan makes promises she doesn't keep when the elections over and then became the least popular girl at school and at home.

Best Line: (talking about her competitor) "She's got the three 'B's, beautiful, brainy, and built." -Jan
Theme: Big Head Syndrome
Funniest Line: "You can ride my range anytime." -Mike (to Carol in her cowboy outfit)
Moral: Making campaign promises just to get elected is wrong. (a Brady never goes back on her promise)
Brady Commentary: What kind of school has a competition for the Most Popular Girl? That's such a shallow competition it's no wonder Jan gets a swelled head.


110)Out of this World-Peter and Bobby see a U.F.O which causes Bobby to dream of an alien encounter until the military arrives and Greg confesses to his creation.

Neat-O Moment: The disgusting lump on Greg's lip.
Best Line: "I was going to be a basketball star on Kaplutis." -Bobby(after Peter wakes him from his dream)
Theme: Mistaken Idea
Brady Commentary: This episode needs better special effects. Both the u.f.o. Greg made and the one in Bobby's dream were too hoaky. This episode is not among the Brady finest, it's almost painful to watch.


111)Two Petes in a Pod-Peter discovers a clone in his school of himself and uses him to take out Mike's bosses daughter when Peter has another date for the same night but when his twin is late Peter must handle both dates.

Neat-O Moment: This episode was taped before episode #112 but originally aired after it, which explains the first appearance of cousin Oliver. It doesn't explain the writing on his shirt disappearing during his only scene.
Best Line: "I'm flattered Peter would go to so much trouble to keep our date." -Michelle
Worst Line: "I was wrong he's not a checkers freak, he's a freaky freak." -Bobby
Moral: What a tangled web we weave when first we tangle to deceive.


112)Welcome Aboard-Oliver comes to live in the Brady house but causes accidents to happen and brings on the  wrath of the other kids until his luck changes and the Bradys get picked to be extras in a movie.

Best Line: "I really like it here, it's super." -Oliver
# of Kids Meetings: 1 (discussing Oliver)
# of Family Meetings: 1 (given by Carol about Oliver coming)
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy)
Tearjerker Moment: When Oliver talks to Carol and says, "And I was trying so hard to make everybody like me."
Moral: There's no such thing as a jinx, or don't try too hard.
Brady Commentary: Whoever said pie fights aren't funny never saw Carol's face get hit with one.


113)The Snooperstar-To teach Cindy not to snoop in her diary Marcia plants a phony story about Mike's client, which convinces Cindy to  dress up as Shirley Temple.

Best Line: "Cindy Brady, the new Shirley Temple." -Cindy
# of Mike and Carol Lectures: 1 (to the girls)
Cuteness Factor: -10
Moral: Mind your own business and don't "snoop" into someone else's.
Theme: Mistaken Idea
Brady Commentary: Cindy was just a little too old for this storyline, like 5 years too old.


114)The Hustler-The Bradys get a pool table as a gift and Bobby soon becomes a shark even beating Mike's boss at Mike and Carols dinner party.

Best Line: "Who cares about school, I'm gonna be the pool champ of the whole world." -Bobby
Funniest Line: (While Bobby is beating Mike's boss at pool) "If that were my kid I'd break his arm." -Mr. Sinclair
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Bobby)
Theme: Young vs Old (OK, it's a bit of a stretch.)


115)Top Secret-Bobby and Oliver get the idea that Sam is a spy and involved with the FBI because of some plans he gets from Mike.

Funniest Line: "Excuse the liver." -Sam (as he removes a piece off his plans for his shop)
Best Line: (after Bobby tells him about Sam being a spy) "You mean he's selling hamburger to both sides." -Greg
Theme: Mistaken Idea
Moral: Don't jump to conclusions.
Brady Commentary: With episodes like this it's a good thing the series end is near.


116)The Hair-Brained Scheme-Bobby and Cindy try to be entrepreneurs by selling hair tonic and rabbits. Unfortunately the hair tonic turns Greg's hair orange right before his graduation.

Neat-O Moments: Mike missing his own son's graduation. Greg's ugly suit and big bow tie.
Best Line: "Tomorrow's graduation and I've got orange hair!" -Greg
Funniest Line: (Convincing Bobby he's not buying his tonic out of pity) Greg- "Would I give up my hard earned cash if I didn't really want it." Bobby- "I guess not, your pretty cheap."
Moral: "Quitters never win and winners never quit." -Carol
Brady Commentary: It's a shame the series ended on a show without Mike.  (Robert Reed boycotted this episode because he hated the script, yet he later participated in the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, go figure).  


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