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Season 4

72)Hawaii Bound-The Brady's vacation in Hawaii where Bobby finds a tiki idol that causes bad luck for those who wear it, including Bobby and then the surfing Greg.

Neat-O Moments: All the Bradys wearing their Hawaiian clothing, and that great tabu tiki music.
Best Line: "That's Diamond Head, dumbhead." -Peter to Bobby
Tearjerker Moment: Mike reading the Arizona Memorial plaque inscription.
Brady Commentary: What a great company Mike works for, they paid for 9 people to fly to and stay in Hawaii.
Theme: Vacation

73)Pass the Tabu-After Alice and Peter get a taste of the bad luck tiki idol the boys find out more about it and decide to return it to the burial ground cave it came from to end the bad luck.

Most Wholesome Moment: Mike taking the spider outside instead of killing it.
Best Line: "Bad luck, come and get me." -Peter
Heartwarming Moment: Mike saving Greg's life.
Funniest Line: (after Mike complains about having to work instead of going on a picnic) "Some day there'll be men's lib." -Carol
Theme: Vacation


74)The Tiki Caves-In the burial cave the boys are held hostage by a crazy professor until Carol and Mike come to their rescue and everyone, including the professor, go to a luau.

# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to the professor)
Best Line: "It's been a wonderful evening, Oliver would have loved it." -the professor
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike not pressing charges against a man who holds his children hostage, then sitting next to him at a luau.
Theme: Vacation
Moral: Bad luck can be good luck depending on how you look at it.
Brady Commentary: So ends another dream vacation for the Bradys. None of the kids fought with each other, in fact they enjoyed hanging out together. Everyone had a good time even Mike who had to work most of the time. Vincent Price's excellent guest appearance really adds to this Hawaiian trilogy's original and interesting storyline.


75)Today I am a Freshman-Marcia joins a bunch of clubs to try to fit in at high school but realizes she's trying too hard.

Best Line: "You can't take a step forward with both feet still on the ground." -Mike
Funniest Line: Marcia- "All my best years are behind me." Mike- "Your going to high school not a home for the aged."
Moral: Be yourself and others will like you.
Brady Commentary: It's almost possible to feel sorry for Marcia in this one...almost.


76)Cyrano De Brady-Peter's Crush on a girl leaves him speechless but when he gets Greg to speak for him the girl falls for Greg instead, who then tries to convince her he's no good.

Best Line: "Can't I do anything right?" -Peter
Funniest Line: "These are my workin' threads." -Greg
Most Wholesome Moment: When Peter gives his speech about treating Carrie like a queen.
Moral: Be yourself and others will like you.
Brady Commentary: Even though the moral is a bit of a stretch and it's the same as episode #75 this remains one of the funniest of all the Brady shows. The excellent performances by both Greg and Marcia (with the help of that wig and glasses) make this one of the most underrated episodes.


77)Fright Night-The boys scare the girls with a ghost outside their window. The girls scare the boys with a ghost in the attic. Then all the kids plot to scare Alice who ends up hitting Carol's bust in fright.

Best Line: "O.K. ghosts, come and get us." -Peter
Moral: "If you carry a joke too far someone can get hurt." -Carol
Theme: Boys vs. Girls
Brady Commentary: The betting monkey again climbs onto the backs of the Bradys. This time at least Mike and Carol try to steer the kids away from their bet but are persuaded otherwise in a scene sometimes cut from the later syndicated shows.


78)Career Fever-Mike thinks Greg wants to be an architect, but Greg struggles for a way to break the news that he really doesn't.

Best Line: "Let's face it, what we have here is Frank Lloyd Wrong." -Mike
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike's excitement over Greg following in his footsteps.
Moral: Don't be something your not just to make others happy.
Brady Commentary: What happened to Greg's dream of being an architect since episode #33 when he was so excited about it? The pressure of delivering architecture plans must have ruined his dream.


79)Law and Disorder-Bobby's the school's new Safety Monitor and he brings his job home with him and begins ratting out the other kids until he too must break a rule to save a girls cat.  Meanwhile everyone rehabs an old boat.

Neat-O Moment: Bobby uses 'Safe' to clean his suit.
Funniest Line: Alice (talking to Carol about a sale)- "All that pushing and shoving and grabbing, I hope I didn't hurt anybody."
# of Mike and Carol Lectures: 1 (to Bobby)
Best Line: "Mrs. Brady, the suds are calling you." -Alice
Moral: Use rules with reason and good judgment.


80)Jan the Only Child-Jan only sees the downside of having siblings until they agree to be invisible to her and she realizes how lonely it is. Then everyone goes to a hoe-down.

Neat-O Moments: Those square dancing, potato sack racing Bradys really know how to party.
Best Line: "No Marcia, no Marcia's sweater." -Marcia (after Jan wants to borrow her invisible sister's sweater)
Most Wholesome Moment: Peter and Bobby loaning Jan their money.
# of Kids Meetings: 1
Tearjerker Moment: Jan talking to Mike about her bad deal.
Moral: There is a good side and a bad side to everything.


81)The Show Must Go On??-Greg and Marcia get their parents to participate in a show at school where Marcia and Carol sing a duet and Greg helps Mike with a poetry reading.

Neat-O Moment: Marcia and Carol's duet, Carol second and last attempt at singing.
Best Line: "I already told Mrs. Tuttle you didn't have any talent." -Greg (about Mike)
Most Wholesome Moment: This whole show concept is wholesome, a school show with family acts, mother and daughter sing a duet, it doesn't get any more wholesome.
Theme: Young vs. Old


82)You Can't Win 'Em All-Mike and Carol have a dinner party while Cindy gets cocky for wining the chance to be on a quiz show where she freezes up.

Cindy Cuteness Factor: +3
Most Wholesome Moment: Cindy kissing Bobby after he cheers her up.
Funniest Line: Marcia- (after Cindy asks her if she should get her ears pierced) "Cindy, the last thing you need is two more holes in your head."
Best Line: "Television stars don't play in teepees and they don't get dirty." -Cindy
Theme: Big Head Syndrome
Moral: "You shouldn't put down a loser Cindy because you just might be one yourself someday." -Carol


83)Goodbye Alice Hello-Alice accidentally tells on the kids and they turn against her, until she quits and they find out what a drag her replacement is, so they hunt her down at her new job to convince her to return.

Neat-O Moment: The return of the tiki music when the boys discover the broken lamp.
Unwholesome Moment: Carol on her power trip harassing Alice into ratting out the kids.
Tearjerker Moment: Bobby and Cindy talking about how Alice isn't their friend anymore.
Best Line and Moral: "Sometimes when you push people too far you just can't bring them back again." -Carol
Brady Commentary: Does Peter not remember that gluing broken things back together, be they lamps or vases, just doesn't work? Why do these kids never learn?


84)Love and the Older Man-Marcia has a crush on her dentist and thinks he's interested in her too until she discovers he's married and she must break off their nonexistent relationship.

Neat-O Moment: Marcia's fantasy (emulating Carol) about her dentist "husband" complete with a dentist chair in the middle of the Brady living room.
Best Line: "Imagine, me, Mrs. Marcia Dentist." -Marcia
Funniest Line: Jan(about the Dentist)- "He's got a wife, children, maybe even a dog."
Theme: Mistaken Idea
Brady Commentary: A great Marcia episode. By not over dramatizing, as she does in most of her episodes, she comes off as genuine and funny, making this episode one of the funniest of the series.


85)Everyone Can't Be George Washington-Everyone thinks that because Peter is playing a trader that he is one too. He tries to quit the play to avoid all the heat but has a change of heart and performs anyway.

Best Line: "Everyone can't be George Washington." -Carol
# of Mike and Carol Lectures: 1 (to Peter)
# of Carol Lectures: 1 (to Peter)
Most Wholesome Moment: Peter and Bobby's water gun fight
Moral: Don't let others down by not going through with your responsibilities. "I never thought of it that way." –Peter


86)Greg's Triangle-Greg gets to help choose the head cheerleader but must choose between his sister Marcia and his girlfriend Jennifer.

Neat-O Moment: Jan with just those two curlers in her hair, and Jennifer in one of Marcia's outfits.
Best Line: "One , two, tell me who are you, the Bears! Three, four, tell me who's gonna score, the Bears!..." -the cheerleaders
Unwholesome Moment: Jennifer's pick up and subsequent using of an unsuspecting Greg.
Funniest Line: "Oh, Greggy!" -Jennifer
Moral: Be fair and impartial no matter who your judging


87)Bobby's Hero-Bobby's hero gets him flack at school and at home so his parents try to find a way to convince him Jesse James was no hero, as a man who's father was killed by him explains to Bobby.

Neat-O Moment: Mike saying grace, and the Bradys eating pizza at the dinner table.
Funniest Line: Bobby-(on having Wilt Chamberlain as a hero) "Some chance I got of being seven foot two...and black!"
Best Line: "Because that's the kind of man Jesse James was, a mean, dirty, killer." -Mr. Collins
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike and Carol's parental supervision of watching Bobby's movie.
Theme: Mistake Idea


88)The Great Earring Caper-Cindy steals and loses Carols earrings then tries to find them, but fails until the family has a reenactment.

Neat-O Moments: The only appearance of Bobby's pet hamster. The 'Have a Happy Day' sign in the laundry room complete with a big yellow smiley face.
Cindy Cuteness Factor: 0 (what is this?)
Best Line: "The earrings, oh no." -Cindy (What an actress)
Funniest Line: "Some detective, I couldn't find an elephant in a bathtub." -Peter
Moral: Don't touch things your told not to touch.


89)Greg Gets Grounded-Greg tries to live by exact words while Peter and Bobby search for the best jumping frog that ends up going on Greg's date.

Best Line: "Exact words are pretty hard to live by." -Mike
Unwholesome Moment: Mike's harsh lecture to Greg, not even letting him speak.
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Greg)
Moral: Say what you mean and mean what you say.


90)The Subject Was Noses-Marcia gets two dates for the same night and must break one of them, but when her remaining date breaks their date because of her swelled nose, she realizes she picked the wrong guy.

Most Wholesome Moment: Cindy and Jan trying to cheer up Marcia
Best Line: "Something suddenly came up." -Greg, Marcia, Doug
Funniest Line: "Oh, my nose!" -Marcia
Moral: Appearances are deceiving, especially when it comes to people.
Brady Commentary: One of the most memorable of all the episodes. Maybe it's so well liked because people like seeing Marcia getting hit with a ball. She doesn't seem quite so perfect with a swollen nose, and becomes more likable for being dumped.


91)How To Suceed in Business?-Peter gets fired from his first job at the bike shop but has trouble telling his parents.

Neat-O Moment: The family eating outside on the patio.
Best Line: "Be prompt, hard working, and loyal." -Mike (his advice to Peter)
Most Wholesome Moment: The big Brady bike ride.
Moral: There is no shame in being fired as long as you did your best.
Brady Commentary: The middle children in this family have such a hard time, or maybe their both just losers.


92)Amateur Night-Jan messes up the bill on a gift for their parents and the kids must go on a t.v. show to try to win the money by singing.

Neat-O Moment: The sales clerk is the same actor who played the photographer in episode #61.
# of Kids Meetings: 1
Best Line: "Jan, how could you be so stupid?" -Marcia
Brady Commentary: This is the official Jan bashing episode. Marcia and Cindy refer to Jan as stupid while Greg prefers dingaling as his put-down. "Sunshine Day" has become the anthem of the Bradys. Their whole existence is based on the song's lyrics "everybody's smiling, everybody's laughing" after all, that's how each episode ends.


93)Your Never Too Old-Mike and Carols grandparents visit and end up eloping.

Best Line: She's really with it and far out." -Jan (describing her grandma)
Moral: You're never too old for love.
Funniest Line: "I wouldn't speak to that man again if he were the only man alive with the key to the wine cellar." -Grandma Hutchins (about Grandpa Brady)
Brady Commentary: Great performances by Robert Reed and Florence Henderson as their own grandparents, it's easy to forget it's just them behind a lot of make-up.


94)A Room At the Top-A cleaning of the attic leaves it open as a bedroom which Greg and Marcia fight over and move in and out.

Best Line: "I'm sick and tired of being second around here!" -Marcia
Most Wholesome Moments: Greg giving Marcia the attic, and Mike and Carol checking in on their sleeping kids.
Moral: Good things come to those who wait.
Theme: Young vs. Old
Brady Commentary: Why doesn't Marcia just use the upstairs phone extension she mentions in episode #13, there's one in the parents bedroom? Then she wouldn't have had to climb the stairs so much.


    SEASON 5

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