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Season 3

49)Ghost Town, USA-The Brady vacation starts with a visit to a ghost town where an old settler, Zachariah Brown, locks them in jail.

Neat-O Moment: Seeing out the dinning room patio doors.
Most Wholesome Moment: The Bradys singing in the car, 'Row your boat' in the round.
Best Line: "Mike do something!" -Carol, right after Mr. Brown locks them in the jail.
Theme: Vacation


50)Grand Canyon or Bust-The Brady's finally get to the bottom of the Grand canyon where Bobby and Cindy get lost.

Funniest Line: "I'd dance like that too if I were barefoot on a hot rock." -Alice (about the dancing Indians)
Most Wholesome Moment: Bobby comforting Cindy after they get lost.
Best Line: "Gee an Indian boy!" -Cindy
Brady Commentary: Why didn't Mike and Peter ride the mule to get help instead of walking?
Theme: Vacation


51)The Brady Braves-Bobby and Cindy help an Indian boy who has run away, when he returns to his family they make the Bradys members of their tribe.

Most Wholesome Moments: Carol hugging Bobby and Cindy, and the family campfire sing-a-long.
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to the Indian boy)
Best Line: "I think we'll all have a groovy time." -Mike
Theme: Young vs. Old and Vacation
Brady Commentary: These 3 episodes epitomize the perfect American vacation. The Brady kids don't fight in the car, they sing. The Bradys don't eat fast food, they take their maid along with a stove so she can cook. Once again the Bradys are the ideal that real families aspire to be.


52)Juliet is The Sun-When Marcia gets the lead in the school play she thinks she's not good enough to play Juliet, but after her family convinces her she is, her head swells so much it gets her thrown out of the play.

# of Times Someone Says Groovy: 8
# of Carol Lectures: 1 (to Marcia)
Best Line: "You know she's groovy and I know she's groovy, but she doesn't know she's groovy" -Alice
Theme: Big Head Syndrome
Moral: Believe in Yourself (but not too much)


53)The Weeler-Dealer-Greg is coned into buying a lemon of a car and after he fails at fixing it up, he tries the same con to sell it to someone else.

# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Greg)
Best line: "Them who don't look, sometimes get took." -Mike
Most Wholesome Moment: Greg's siblings helping him fix up his car.
Moral: Buyer beware.


54)The Personality Kid-Peter's convinced he lacks personality and tries to make up one until during his own party he discovers the chicks dig him.

Best Line: "Pork chops and applesauce." -Peter
Tearjerker Moment: Peter sitting by himself at his party.
Most Unwholesome Moment: Mike yelling at Peter to stop feeling sorry for himself and that if he didn't like his personality then he should change it.
Moral: "If you aren't careful what you say you can really hurt someone's feelings." -Greg
Brady Commentary: Why didn't Mike and Carol make the moral of this episode 'be yourself' instead of 'change your personality because others don't like it' ?


55)Her Sister's Shadow-Marcia and her awards get to Jan after she can't seem to win at anything until her essay wins a contest at school.

Best Line: "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" -Jan
Most Wholesome Moment: Marcia offering that if it would make Jan feel better she would "gladly give back all my awards". What a Kiss-Ass.
Tearjerker Moments: Jan not getting picked for pom poms and when she confesses about the mistake in the scoring of her essay.
Worst Line: "Well Jan sometimes when we lose, we win." -Carol
Brady Commentary: Poor Jan, Marcia's influence has driven her to hear voices. At least Marcia's behavior towards Jan has improved since episode #42 and she actually tells Jan she supports her in her quest to be a pom pom girl, although perhaps she's just setting her up for a bigger fall by convincing her she has a chance at being Ms. pom pom (the head pom pom girl).
Moral: "Find out what you do best and do your best with it." Carol


56)Teeter-Totter Caper-Bobby and Cindy attempt to set a teeter-totter record after being made to feel little kids can't do anything important.

Cindy Cuteness Factor: +6
Best Lines: responding to Bobby and Cindy telling them they were about to set a record "Have fun kids." -Mike "Sure kids, have fun." -Carol
Funniest Line: Jan- "Don't you ever want to get married." Greg- "Sure, when I've got nothing else to live for."
Moral: Even little kids can do something important.
Theme: Young vs. Old (what is this?)


57)My Sister Benedict Arnold-Marcia goes out with Warren who beat Greg out for a team at school, Greg retaliates by dating a cheerleading rival of Marcia's.

# of Mike and Carol Lectures: 2 (1 to Greg, 1 to Marcia and Greg)
Best Line: "FF-FIL-LL-LMO-OO-ORE Filmore Jr. High!!" -Cathy
Neat-O Moment: The kids trying to peer in at the fighting Greg and Marcia through the glassless patio doors.
Brady Commentary: Most parents won't do anything to help out the local school but the Bradys build an actual dunking booth. How cool is that?
Moral: Revenge is a selfish thing.


58)The Private Ear-When Peter's siblings find out he's been recording their conversations, they teach him a lesson by planting a phony message about a surprise party for him.

Best Line: (after Jan asks who Marcia thinks Jan told her secret to) "You know who and you know what and about you know whom. Now it'll be all over you know where and I'll die of humiliation." -Marcia
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Peter)
# of Family Meetings:1 (for Peter to apologize to his siblings)
Moral: Don't eavesdrop.
Brady Commentary: Finally justice for Peter missing his camping trip in episode #31. He not only doesn't get punished but by his parents buying him presents, especially a tape recorder, it's like they reward his actions. 


59)And Now a Word From Our Sponsor-The Brady's are chosen to star in a t.v. commercial and get an acting coach to help them prepare, but only after having a contest to make sure the new soap is better than their old one.

Best Line: "What happens when you put a camera on a bunch of squares? They flip out." -Skip
Wholesome Moment: Hands down, the Bradys not wanting to do the commercial because they didn't use that brand of soap.
Moral: Don't Lie


60)Click-Against Carols wishes Greg plays football and when he gets hurt she doesn't let him continue. He pursues his photography hobby and takes a crucial photo of a disputed play.

Neat-O Moment: Seeing that cool old football footage.
Most Wholesome Moment: Carol being so overly concerned about Greg.
Best Line: "First string, far out!" -Greg (to his coach when he makes first string)
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Greg)
Moral: There is more to being part of a team than just playing in the game.


61)The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses-When Jan avoids wearing her new glasses she accidentally destroys the new family portrait and she must scramble to assemble the kids and get a new one taken before Mike can find out.

Best Line: "Glasses, oh mom no, not glasses!" -Carol
Funniest Line: "Jan... Jan... Jan! Lookout!" -Greg
Most Wholesome Moment: Jan selling her bike to pay for the picture.
Moral: What you wear (glasses) won't make any difference to your real friends.
Brady Commentary: This moral conflicts with episode #38 where what Jan wore made all the difference, poor Jan. As if she didn't have enough to deal with now she has to wear glasses.

62)Big Little Man- Bobby frets over his size and tries to make himself grow, but he realizes being small has it's good side when he saves Greg and himself from being locked in Sam's met locker.

Tearjerker Moment: Bobby crying on the bed.
Best Line: "Hey Shrimpo!" -Sam
Funniest Line: "Boy, that's an awful cold dime." -Bobby
Moral: Don't sell yourself short.
Brady Commentary: Bobby has the fastest disappearing black eye in history.


63)Getting Davy Jones-Marcia promises she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school then finds he's not as easy to reach as she thought until he tracks her down after overhearing her with his manager.

# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Marcia)
Best Line: "My knees didn't get anywhere near Davy Jones." -Marcia
Funniest Line: "How about the flip side?" -Davy
Moral: Don't promise things unless your sure you can deliver.
Brady Commentary: Could Marcia get any more special treatment? Mike and Carol were so out of control they were prepared to rent a room at a hotel to help Marcia see Davy Jones.


64)Dough Re Me-Greg writes a song and the kids form a group to record it, but when Peter hits puberty and his voice begins to change they must decide if they should record the song without him.

Neat-O Moment: The first on screen use of the back porch grill and the singing Bradys.
# of Kid's Meetings: 1(to discus Peter's future with the group)
Best Line: "Money and fame are very important things, but sometimes there are other things that are more important, like people." -Carol
Moral: Don't lose sight of what's really important in life.


65)The Big Bet-When Bobby wins a chin-ups contest with Greg he takes his power too far when he forces Greg to take Bobby along on his date.

Best Line: "You welcher, I'm gonna go tell mom and dad!" -Bobby
# of Mike Lectures: 2 (one to Greg, one to Bobby)
Theme: Young vs. Old
Moral: No bet is a sure thing and don't take advantage of someone if you win.
Brady Commentary: Oh Mike and Carol why didn't you stop this whole betting thing before it even got started? Instead you conducted your own bet. Even though Bobby says he'll "never bet on anything again" he obviously doesn't learn his lesson, and neither does Greg as future episodes will show.


66)Jan's Aunt Jenny-Jan freaks when she thinks she may grow up to look like her ugly aunt Jenny until her aunt visits and she realizes how neat she is and how little looks matter.

Neat-O Moment: Dinner on the floor of the Brady living room.
Best Line: "I think aunt Jenny is the most wonderful woman I ever met and I'm gonna grow up to look just like her." -Jan
Most Wholesome Moment: Marcia trying to cheer up Jan.
Moral: You don't have to be beautiful to be an interesting person.


67)Cindy Brady Lady-Cindy feels left out of her sister's discussions on boys so Bobby makes her up a secret admirer. When he bribes a friend to do it Cindy nearly scares him off by pretending to be mature.

Neat-O Moments: Seeing Cindy with her hair down. The first appearance of Mike's watch worn over his clothing.  Tommy is played by Christopher Shea who was the voice of Linus in the Charlie Brown specials.
Best Line: "When I think of your face and awful cute dimples, from head to toe I get goose pimples." -Bobby
Most Wholesome Moment: All the boys trying to make Cindy feel better by trying to take her on dates or giving her an admirer.
Cindy Cuteness Factor: +4
Moral: Act your age.
Brady Commentary: Why do Mike and Carol act as if Bobby were in trouble at the end of this episode? Why was it wrong for him to try to make his sister feel better?


68)The Power Of The Press-Peter tries to get a bad grade changed by writing nice things in his school paper about the teacher who gave it to him.

Best Line: "A 'D' a big fat 'D'." -Peter
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Peter)
Funniest Line: "Chlorophyll is a Greek word, chloro- means green, and I guess -phyll is the guy who discovered it." -Marcia (imitating Mr. Price)
Moral: Don't use flattery to get what you want.


69)Sergeant Emma-When Alice goes on vacation she gets her sergeant cousin to take over. The Brady's soon revolt and scheme to find a way to get rid of her and the military rules she forces on them.

Neat-O Moments: Alice and Emma in the first use of the Brady split screen effect.
Best Line: "Hut two, hut four, I don't like this anymore" -Carol
# of Kids Meetings: 1
Most Wholesome Moment: The whole family jogging together.
Moral: Don't hurt other peoples' feelings.


70)The Fender Benders-Carol gets in an accident and must prove in court that it wasn't her fault.

Most Sexist Line: "You know how women drivers are Your Honor." -Mr. Dugan
Best Line (and comeback): "I am not frail." -Carol
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike and Carol wanting to pay Mr. Dugan just so Bobby and Cindy wouldn't have to testify.
Moral: The truth shall set you free.


71)My Fair Opponent- Marcia makes over a wallflower and then ends up competing against her and the girls new ego for hostess.

Neat-O Moment: Marcia in her Banquet Night dress, the ugliest dress ever on the show.
Best Line: "You look great, not at all like you." -Peter to Molly
Moral: Get involved. If you don't like something change it.
Theme: Big Head Syndrome (Molly's)
Brady Commentary: Again the emphasis is on looks. Are we to believe Molly is now a better person simply because she wears contacts and groovy clothes.



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