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Season 2

25)Going, Going.....Steady-Marcia chases her first crush taking on his hobby in order to get him to go steady.

Neat-O Moment: The first appearance of Carol's gold paisley jumpsuit
Best Lines: "Gee Harvey, Gosh!" -Marcia
Funniest Line: "Lots of girls my age wear make-up." -Marcia "That's their mothers problem" -Carol
Theme: Young vs. Old


26)The Dropout-When Don Drysdale gives Greg a compliment on his baseball it goes to Greg's head and he becomes obsessed with his future in the game.

Neat-O Moment: Mike was fixing a bike in the driveway instead of the boys.
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike's father-son talk with Greg after his disastrous game.
Best Line: "Don who?" -Marcia
# of Mike and Carol Lectures: 2 (to Greg)
Theme: Big Head Syndrome


27)The Baby-sitters-Greg and Marcia sit with their siblings but have trouble getting their parents to stop worrying, especially when Cindy has symptoms of a cold.

Most Wholesome Moment: Carol running out to Mike's car when he got home from work.
# of Family Meetings: 1(given by Carol)
Best Line: "Sniff." -Cindy
Worst Line: "Parents." -Marcia "They sure are hard to bring up." -Greg
Theme: Young vs. Old


28)The Treasure of Sierra Avenue-While playing the boys find a wallet, then try to find the owner and collect the reward.

Funniest Line: Want a piece of licorice? -Cindy "Sure!" -Bobby "I bet you do!" -Cindy as she takes her licorice and leaves
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to the kids)
Most Sexist Line: "The boys might as well learn at an early age that girls are gonna cost them money." -Mike
Moral: The Importance of sharing.
Brady Commentary: Why do the boys have to share with the girls? The boys found the money the girls were just being greedy.


29)The Un-Underground Movie-Greg struggles for creative control of his history project, a film staring all of the Bradys about the early settlers.

Best Line: "Snow... snow... Peter, snow!" -Greg
Brady Commentary: Wow, what an elaborate production. Mike and Carol really go all out to help their kid with a school project. The costumes and scenery are so elaborate the cost of the supplies alone would have stopped most parents. This pilgrim epic truly shows the devotion of these Brady parents.
Moral: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

30)The Slumber Caper-When Marcia is accused of writing an insulting caption on a picture at school she didn't do, she accuses someone else of the crime. She learns a lesson in not making accusations when the real culprit comes forward at her slumber party .

Wholesome Moment: Everyone waiting on Mike to decide if Marcia could have a party.
Best Line: "Boys? Who likes boys?!" -Cindy
Funniest Line: Carol- "Maybe we should hang them up and beat them." Mike- "The sleeping bags or the boys?"
Moral: Avoid accusing someone without all of the facts or by circumstantial evidence(see episode #3), and the importance of trust.
Brady Commentary: A very complete, well written show with 2 morals one of which, the evils of accusations, is highlighted twice, once with Marcia herself being accused and again with Marcia doing the accusing. This episode also has a wide appeal to every kid who saw it, every girl wanted that far-out slumber party, and every boy wanted to crash it, just like the Brady boys.


31)Confessions, Confessions-Peter breaks Carols favorite vase, and after an attempt to fix it fails, the other kids take the heat so Peter won't miss a camping trip.

Best Line: "Mom always said 'Don't play ball in the house.'." -Bobby
# of Family Meetings: 1 (to announce that Peter would assign punishments)
Tearjerker Moment: Peter confessing to breaking the vase.
Moral: Tell the truth(right away).
Brady Commentary: Were Mike and Carol too harsh? Couldn't Peter have been allowed to go on the camping trip and then made to do his siblings punishments as he did anyway? If it was that important to him his parents should have relented.


32)The Tattle-Tale-Cindy turns into a nark and rats out her brothers and sisters.

Neat-O Moment: Alice without her apron
Best Line: "Cindy, what other people say privately is none of our business." -Mike
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Cindy)
Cindy Cuteness Factor: +7 (what is this?)
Moral: Mind your own business.


33)Call Me Irresponsible-Greg gets a job in Mike's office where he finds he's not as responsible as he thinks when he twice losses important plans he was supposed to deliver.

Neat-O Moment: Seeing Greg's first girlfriend, the first of many to come.
Funniest Line: Mike- "Isn't that something he wants to be like his old man." Carol- "Yea, cleaning up around the office."
Best Line: (when asked how he wants his coffee) "Black, and with a smile." -Mike
Moral: Responsibility is more than just a word, it must be backed up by actions.


34)Impracticle Joker-Jan goes to far with her practical jokes when she almost gets Greg's mouse killed.

# of Carol Lectures: 1 (to Jan)
Neat-O Moment: The closeup of the Astroturf in Tiger's dog house.
Best Line: "Everyone loves a good gag but some practical jokes just aren't funny." -Carol
Moral: Practical jokes can get out of hand and someone could get hurt (like Myron).


35)A Fistful of Reasons-When Cindy's lisp gets her teased at school by "Buddy the bully" Peter is forced to defend her and himself in a fight.

Neat-O Moment: Mike nearly getting in a fight.
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to Mr. Hinton)
Funniest Line: Cindy- "They said I talk funny." Mike- "What?"
Best Line: "Baby talk, baby talk it's a wonder you can walk." -Buddy Hinton
Cindy Cuteness Factor: +7
Moral: Use violence only as a last resort.
Brady Commentary: This is the only Brady Bunch episode with any visible violence in it (unlesss you count Marcia getting hit with the football).


36)What Goes Up....-Bobby sprains his ankle trying to get into Peters club and clubhouse. His parents get him a pet bird and everyone tries to help him overcome his newly developed fear of heights.

Neat-O Moment: Greg calling Jan 'Eve' during the trampoline scene. Tiger's last episode.
Funniest Line: (after the bird gets loose) Mike- "Nobody move." Bobby- "If nobody moves how are we gonna catch it?"
Moral: If you fall off the horse you have to get right back on.
Brady Commentary: What happened to Bobby's parakeet? Perhaps it went with Tiger to some unknown destination to visit Fluffy the cat, and they just never returned.


37)Coming Out Party-When their tonsils come out Cindy and Carol have a hard time keeping from talking and accidentally insult Mike's boss when Carol thinks it Mike trying to trick her into talking.

Neat-O Moment: Seeing Mr. Dittmeyer and the 1970's Baskin Robbins container
Best Line: (after Mike's boss asks her how she's feeling) "Not well enough to go on that broken down barnacle barge of yours." -Carol
Cindy Cuteness Factor: +4
Theme: Mistaken Idea (What is this?)


38)The Not-So-Ugly Duckling-Jan develops a self image problem when the boy she likes isn't interested, so when trying to get rid of her freckles doesn't work, she makes up a boyfriend, until mom discovers a solution.

Best Line: "Jan if boys don't find you attractive don't blame me." -Marcia
Tearjerker Moment: Jan talking to her reflection "There goes your last excuse, it isn't the freckles, it's just dumb old you."
# of Family Meetings: 1 (called by Carol about Jan's party)
Most Sexist Line: "Go figure a woman, even her size" (referring to Jan) -Mike
Moral: The clothes make the man (woman).
Brady Commentary: Classic Jan. Maybe Jan could have benefited from some counseling, she seems even more overwrought than the average girl who goes through this stage. Marcia on the other hand is particularly nasty to Jan which could be the reason for the later resentment Jan feels toward her with good reason. The moral of this episode is particularly disturbing, and inadvertently gives off the wrong message that it's Jan's looks that count instead of what's inside. Perhaps they were making a statement on the shallowness of men/boys.


39)Tell It Like It Is-Carol submits a story about her family to an editor, but he rejects it until he sees what the Brady family is really like.

Best Line: Carol- "Mike, I've been rejected, flatly rejected." Mike- "Only by 'Tomorrow's Woman' not by tonight's husband."
Funniest Line: "Well it's all so sweet and goody goody, always happy and smiling." -Marcia
Moral: Truth is stranger than fiction.


40)The Drummer Boy-When Bobby doesn't make the glee-club he tries the drums instead. When Peter does make the club his teammates teeze him until a pro athlete visits and changes their mind.

Best Line: Carol- "Canary, what's that mean?" Peter- "I think it's a chicken that can sing."
Tearjerker Moment: The boys on Peter's team teasing him.
Moral: Don't do things just to please other people.
Brady Commentary: This episode does a great job of emphasizing this moral by applying it to two kids, Bobby and Peter, but if Bobby's voice is so bad it's difficult to see why he gets to sing in the kids singing group in later episodes.


41)Where There's Smoke- Greg's parents find out he tried smoking and believe he won't do it again even when a pack falls from his jacket. The real owner, a band mate, is soon discovered.

Neat-O Moments: Finding out Mike is a former smoker. Greg's corny song. (98k zip)
Best Line: "Hey man, they're just plain cigarettes." -Tommy
Moral: The importance of trust and not giving into peer pressure.
Brady Commentary: Why does Greg not receive any punishment for smoking? It's so unBrady-like. "If you know what you did was wrong, that's more important than any punishment..." -Carol Come on! Marcia and Greg get so much special treatment.


42)Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up-Jan wants to set herself apart from her sisters so she buys a wig to wear at a party.

Best Line: (after seeing Jan's wig) "Jan I think it looks awful." -Marcia
Tearjerker Moment: Everyone at the party laughing at Jan.
Moral: It's what's inside that counts, not your appearance.
Brady Commentary: Finally, the right message gets through to Jan. It's no wonder she made this whole wig mistake after episode #38 where she learns if she dresses the right way people will like her. Now she can start worrying about what else is wrong with her life, like her lack of talent, and her sister Marcia.


43)Our Son the Man-Greg gets his own room and turns it and himself into a groovy and more mature look, until he realizes he's overdone it and being a kid isn't so bad.

Neat-O Moment: Mike telling Carol Greg he couldn't have the attic unless he was 2 feet tall.
Best Line: "Kids. What do they know about life?" -Greg
Most Wholesome Moment: Peter and Bobby having Greg's stuff packed in case he decided to go on the trip with them.
Funniest Line: "Remember Dad we're talking 'man to man' now not 'kid to man man to man' but 'man to man man to man' " -Greg
Theme: Big Head Syndrome


44)The Liberation of Marcia Brady-Marcia tries to join Greg's scouting group to prove girls can do anything boys can. The boys retaliate by having Peter join Marcia's scouting group, the Sunflower Girls.

Best Lines: "I am a little sunflower, sunny, brave, and true. From tiny bud to blossom I do good deeds for you." -Peter
Funniest Line: "Dad, you don't call a Frontier Scout sweetheart." -Marcia
Most Sexist Line: Oddly enough, there wasn't one.
Theme: Male vs. Female


45)Lights Out-Peter stars in a show at school with his magic act but the magic spooks Cindy out of being his assistant until she learns how it works.

Neat-O Moment: The ta-da music every time Peter flips back his cape.
Most Wholesome Moment: Cindy hugging and kissing Bobby when he comes back 'from beyond'.
Best Line: "Abracadabra...disappear!" -Peter
Cindy Cuteness Factor: +4
Funniest Line: "I can help too. I can tell you if a trick stinks." -Bobby (to Peter)
Moral: Face yours fears.


46)The Winner-All the Brady kids have trophies except Bobby, when he fails to win one in an ice cream eating contest on t.v. the family gives him one for trying so hard.

Neat-O Moment: Bobby's first dream sequence.
Best Line: "I just gotta get a trophy, I just gotta get one." -Bobby
Most Wholesome Moment: All the kids giving Bobby a party and a trophy.
Tearjerker Moment: Bobby losing the contest and with ice cream dripping off his face saying "I lost...again."
Moral: Keep trying


47)Double Parked-Carol and the kids try to save their park by fighting city hall who's planning to put a building on it Mike' s firm is designing.

Neat-O Moment: The Batman-like tilted camera sequence used during Mike designing.
Best Line: "It doesn't take a Jack Frost to recognize a snow job." -Mike
Moral: You can fight city hall.
Brady Commentary: It's kind of difficult to make a good episode about a park when they never show the park, and the stock footage of the march on city hall isn't very effective either.


48)Alice's September Song-An old flame visits Alice but turns out to be after only her money, until Sam puts him in his place.

Best Line: "Alice is my inspiration. I see her in face in every bowling ball, her figure in every bowling pin." -Sam
Unwholesome Moment: Alice sucking up to Sam after dating another guy all week.
Moral: Appearances can be deceiving.



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