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Season 1

(pilot) The Honeymoon-  Mike and Carol's wedding turns chaotic and they yell at the kids.  Racked with guilt they bring the kids on the honeymoon.

Best Line: (After the phone rings) Jan- "It must be Mike." Carol- "What makes you think so?" Jan- "It's always Mike"
Funniest Line: Bobby- "Wow, I'd love to go on a honeymoon, what should I take?"  Greg- "A girl, dummy."
Neat-O Moments: Seeing the first Mrs. Brady in the photo Bobby puts in a drawer. Mike and Carol eating dinner in their  robes (wink, wink).
Number of times Carol says "Oh, Mike!": 3


1)Dear Libby- The kids fear one of their parents are unhappy with them after reading a letter in an advice column, about a similar family. The kids try to act perfect until Dear Libby arrives to clear things up.

Best Line: "If I'm dumb your super dumb!" -Jan (to Peter)
Neat-O Moment: The first ever official kids meeting and Alice is seen without her apron.
Theme: Mistaken idea (Read about the 5 different themes that episodes share in Brady Central)
Number of Kids Meetings: 1  (What's a kids meeting?  Read about them in Brady Central)


2)A Clubhouse Is Not a Home-The boys refuse to share their clubhouse with the girls and after many battles in sharing everyone works together to build the girls their own clubhouse.

Neat-O Moments: The first official family meeting/Mike lecture occurs. Mike drives Carol to tears.
Most Sexist Line: Mike- "Carol there are certain places were women just are not permitted."
Best Line: (While fighting over drawer space) Cindy- "What happens when I start to fill
out?" Marcia- "I'll be married and gone by then."
Number of Mike Lectures: 3 (two to the whole family, one to the boys)
Moral: The importance of sharing, while respecting the rights of others.
Theme: Boy vs. Girl


3)Kitty Karry-All Is Missing-Cindy's doll disappears and she accuses Bobby. Tiger is eventually convicted of the crime when Bobby's trial has a hung jury.

Most Wholesome Moment: Cindy saying her prayers
# of Mike lectures: 2 (one to Marcia and Greg and one to Bobby and Cindy)
Tearjerker moments: Bobby proclaiming his innocence in his trial and when he buys Cindy a new doll and tells her...
Best Line: "I'm not giving you this 'cause I like you or nothing but my piggy bank was getting too full." -Bobby
Moral: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, (without only circumstantial evidence).
Theme: Mistaken Idea


4)Katchoo -Jan develops an allergy, and when everyone thinks it's Tiger they bathe him to try to keep him from having to leave, until the real cause is found.

Neat-O Moment: The first time Carol and Alice pass out lunches.
Tearjerker Moments: The boys and Alice saying good-bye to Tiger.
Best Line: Mike-"Jan's allergic to Tiger and they cannot live in the same house" Bobby- "Where's Jan gonna live?"
Theme: Mistaken Idea (check out the Brady Central section)


5)Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy- Because of a lack of space Cindy must choose only one parent to attend the school play in which she stars.

Cindy Cuteness Factor: +10 (see Brady Central for Details)
Most Wholesome Moment:Anytime Cindy Says " 'hersal" (rehearsal) or "printheth" (princess)
Moral: Sometimes rules can be bent.
Brady Commentary: It is impossible for anyone to watch this episode without commenting how harsh it was for the school to force these young children to choose one parent. Why they didn't just plan two performances from the beginning? Bad school or bad plot point, you decide.

6)Alice Dosen't Live Here Anymore-Alice thinks she's not wanted after the begin kids going to Carol with their problems, but when she decides to leave everyone stages a plan to make her feel wanted.

Tearjerker Moment: Carol explaining to the girls she's spending time with the boys because they haven't had a mother for a long time. Although the subsequent group hug that falls to the floor is too over the top.
Best Line: Cindy to Alice "Marcia, Jan and I were just starting to love you" AAAAHH!
Number of Family Meetings: 1(explaining 'Operation Alice')  
Moral: Everyone likes to feel needed.


7)Father of the Year-Marcia nominates Mike for father of the year but begins to reconsider after he grounds her for sneaking out to mail the letter.

Best Line and Moral: Mike "A wise man forgets his anger...", Marcia "...before he lies down to sleep"
Neat-O Moment: Marcia's first crying fit.
Funniest line: Jan to Cindy "Do you know who has the biggest mouth in the whole wideworld next to you? Nobody!"
Tearjerker Moment: Mike reading Marcia's letter
Brady Commentary: One of the most well written of all the episodes.


8)The Grass Is Always Greener-Each think the others job is easier, but when they switch roles for a day, Carol finds dealing with the boys, and Mike finds dealing with the girls, isn't so easy.

Neat-O Moment: Carol getting injured on the Astroturf lawn, perhaps Major League Baseball should have paid 
                          attention, and they might have avoided injuries by not installing it.
Best Line: Alice- "I don't even tell my mother how old I am." (Oh, Alice)
Most Sexist Line: "You women just don't understand." -Mike
Theme: Male vs. Female
Moral: The grass is always greener in someone else's backyard.


9)Sorry, Right Number-Mike buys a pay phone out of frustration with his family's bad phone habits.

# of Family meetings: 1 (introducing the new phone)
# of Mike Lectures: 1 (to all the kids on phone usage)
Best Line: "We've got a wonderful group of kids, really marvelous, they don't play hooky, they don't lie, they're not fresh, but boy they just won't stay off that phone." -Mike
Neat-O Moment: The first appearance of Sam the Butcher.
Funniest Line: "You know something Alice, you've got a bigger heart than a cow." -Sam
Moral: Learning the value of a dollar, or a dime.


10)Is There a Doctor In the House-The kids get the measles and the family tries to choose between their male and a female doctors.

Neat-O Moment: Mike mixes himself a drink, the only time alcohol ever appears in the Brady house.
Best Line: Carol- "Why don't we put it off until you can decide which doctor." Mike- "At this point I'd settle for a witch doctor."
Most Sexist Line: "Women are supposed to be nurses, men are supposed to be doctors." -Greg
Theme: Boy vs. Girl


11)54-40 and Fight-The boys and the girls compete by building a house of cards, the winner gets to choose what the family buys with their trading stamps.

Family Meetings: 1 (called by Carol)
Best Line: "Boys don't look at clocks they say, 'Dad what time is it?'." -Mike
Funniest Line: "I am a lady, if you say I'm not I'll bop you." -Cindy
# of Carol Lectures: 1 (to the kids)
Theme: Boys vs. Girls
Moral: Combining individual assets is beneficial for the whole group.
Brady Commentary: It is impossible for anyone to watch this episode without asking: "Why doesn't she just take that bracelet off?"


12)A Camping We Will Go-The Bradys go camping to explore togetherness and have trouble fishing and sleeping, when the boys become resentful of the girls presence.

# of Mike lectures: 1 (to boys)
# of Carol lectures: 1 (to girls)
Most Wholesome Moment: The entire family singing in the car.
# of kids meetings: 1 (not actually seen but mentioned by Greg)
Best Line: Greg "That's sissy food!"
Most Sexist Line: Bobby "Well, I guess women are good for some things"
Theme: Vacation


13)Vote For Brady-Greg vs. Marcia in an election that divides the girls and the boys.

# of Mike Lectures: 2 (one to Greg and Marcia, one to all the kids)
Most Wholesome Moments: Marcia letting Greg win and Greg firing his manager for attempting to bad mouth Marcia.
Best Line: "We're going to be a family a lot longer than either Marcia or Greg will be in office" -Mike
Brady Commentary: The Brady's actually own their own podium. What kind of school system allows a six year old to be a crossing guard?
Theme: Boy vs. Girl


14)Every Boy Does It Once-Bobby thinks Carol is out to get him and tries to run away.

Best Line: "When everybody leaves and nobody says good-bye that ain't love." -Bobby
Most Wholesome Moment: Mike: "You wouldn't want me to stay if I didn't want to." Bobby: "You have to, your the dad." Mike: "That's very true."
Tearjerker Moment: When Bobby and Carol hug.
Brady Commentary: A superior story and a moving performance by Mike Lookinland, if this one doesn't make you get a little misty than you are made of stone.
Theme: Young vs. Old (Bobby feels unwanted by everyone especially his older siblings who push him off and don't  
              acknowledge him.)


15)The Voice of Xmas-When Carol loses her voice and can't sing the whole family loses it's Xmas spirit.

Most Wholesome Moment: Cindy talking to Santa Claus.
Best Line: "He's better than a doctor, he's Santa Claus." -Cindy
# of Mike Lectures: 2 (one to Santa, one to Cindy)
Neat-O Moments: The Brady's at church. Those giant bows on all the gifts.
Moral: Have faith in miracles.
Brady Commentary: No Christmas holiday season is complete without a viewing of this magical episode.


16)Mike's Horror-Scope-Mike is hired to design a factory for a demanding, hard to please client that causes stress in the house when the work keeps him away from his family.

Neat-O Moment: The only time Mike and Carol's bedroom window is ever seen from the inside is when Mike opens it in the beginning of this episode.
Unwholesome Moment: Mike checking out B.B. while she leans over his desk.
Moral: Family is more important than work.
Brady Commentary: After this slow paced mediocre episode it's easy to see why it's the only episode Mike-based 


17)The Undergraduate-Greg gets a crush on his teacher but she diverts his attention by introducing him to her athletic husband.
Best Lines: "Sam's idea of romance is two pounds of liver...heart shaped." -Alice, "Oh Alice!" -Carol
Most Wholesome Moment: Bobby coming home from school and Carol saying, "Hi mom, here's a kiss for ya." so then Bobby says, "Hi mom, here's a kiss for ya." and gives her a kiss.
# of Mike Lectures: 2 (to Greg)
Theme: Mistaken Idea


18)To Move or Not to Move-The kids try to scare off potential buyers of their house by haunting it.

# of Kids Meetings: 1
Best Line: "Moan, Moan" -the house
Most Wholesome Moment: The girls and the boys saying how much they'd miss each other if they moved.
Moral: There's no place like home.
Brady Commentary: It is a great story twist to find out it's the kids doing the haunting.


19)Tiger! Tiger!-Tiger runs away and the Brady's scour the town to search for him.

Neat-O Moment: Bobby staring at his framed 8x10 of Tiger.
Most Wholesome Moment: The kids selflessly giving their money for the reward.
Best Line: "Would you play golf if I was missing?" -Bobby
Tearjerker Moment: Bobby telling Carol he couldn't eat because "there wasn't any room in my stomach, it has a great 
                                big lump in it."
Moral: "Family" can include more than just humans.


20)Brace Yourself-Marcia gets braces and when her date to the dance cancels everyone tries to get her a date and help her self esteem.

Best Lines: "I'm ugly, ugly, ugly!" -Marcia
                   "You act real crazy sometimes Marcia but your still the grooviest looking girl in the whole school." -Alan
# of Family Meetings: 1
Wholesome Moment: The whole family sitting on the couch waiting for Marcia to come down the stairs to go on her date.
Moral: It's not appearances that matter but what's on the inside that counts.


21)The Big Sprain-Alice hurts herself while Carol is away and the kids learn responsibility by having to clean and cook for themselves.

# of Mike Lectures: 1(to family)
# of Family Meetings: 1 (Mike complementing the kids on their teamwork)
# of Kids Meetings: 1 (to get themselves to work as a team)
Tearjerker Moment: Alice crying into her flowers.
Moral: The importance of teamwork.


22)The Hero-Peter saves a girl's life when a wall of shelves nearly falls on her, but being a hero goes to his head.

Most Wholesome Moment: Carol telling Peter how proud she is to have sons like him.
Best Line: "WOW!" -Peter, 5 times (after seeing his picture in the paper, after receiving his plaque, after receiving his check, and after seeing the party)
Neat-O Moment: One of Peters friends talks to him on the phone from a room in her house that looks strangely like Mike and Carols room.
Theme: Big Head Syndrome
Brady Commentary: If something like this had happened today this episode would be about a lawsuit against the toy store.


23)Lost Locket,Found Locket-Jan receives a locket from an anonymous source only to lose it, and find it with the help of a reenactment.

Neat-O Moment: Seeing the Brady address.
Best Line: "My beautiful little locket, with no card or return address, gone, as mysteriously as it came." -Jan
Most Wholesome Moment: Alice explaining to Jan why she gave her the locket.
Moral: Take the time to make someone else feel special.


24)The Possible Dream-Marcia fills her diary with thoughts of Desi Arnez Jr. , but it's accidentally given away, and after a search of used book stores it's recovered during a visit from the man himself.

Neat-O Moment: Alice knowing Lucille Ball's housekeeper
Best Line: "My dream of dreams is to be Mrs. Desi Arnez Jr." -Marcia
Most Wholesome Moment: Bobby and Peter buying Marcia a new diary.
Funniest Line: "Having sisters that don't talk to each other sure is stupid." -Peter
Moral: Sometimes dreams can come true.

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