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The Brady House 

The Brady House Floor Plans-
*Upstairs       *Downstairs
Original plans by Mike Brady (courtesy of Robert Greenhood and Elizabeth Moran "Bradymania")
The address on the show was 4222 Clinton Way, no town or state was given. 
The actual house that was used for the exterior shots is located at 11222 Dilling St., North Hollywood, California. Apparently it straddles the Studio City/North Hollywood boundary so there are varying opinions on whether it's North Hollywood or Studio City.  Who cares really, it comes up on mapquest with either selected so unless you are sending them a letter, let's move on.    Interiors were shot on a soundstage at Paramount and those sets no longer exist.  
Here is  Brady Fan Scott Gollas' photos from a pilgrimage to the real Brady Bunch Houses
Here is Scott's You Tube channel with virtual tours of the Brady House