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Episodes #91- #100 
91) HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS- Peter gets fired from his first job, at a bike shop, but has trouble telling his parents.
1)Who else knew Peter was fired?
2)What did Mike and Carol buy from the bike shop?
3)The bike store was named A)Martinelli's B)Frank's C)Capenelli's
4)Where did the Bradys eat their dinner?
5)Bobby got a job doing what?
6)True or False Peter got fired for not coming to work.
7)When Peter got fired what did everyone think he got instead?
8)What did Cindy buy for her bike?
9)What did Peter do when everyone thought he was working?
10)What did Alice's bike have on it that no one else had?
3) A)Martinelli's
4)on the patio
5)delivering papers
6)false(he was too slow)
7)a promotion
8)a horn
9)he went to the park to feed the pigeons
10)training wheels
92) AMATEUR NIGHT- Jan messes up the bill on a gift for their parents and the kids must go on a t.v. show to try to win the money by singing.
1)What gift did the kids try to get their parents?
2)What did they name the singing group?
3)Who's idea was it to be in the contest?
4)What kind of day do the kids sing about?
5)Name one thing the kids said they were doing when they were really rehearsing?
6)Where did the kids say they were going when they went to the contest?
7)Who first noticed the kids were on television?
8)Where did Bobby and Cindy go for money?
9)Did the kid's win the amateur contest?
10)Who paid the final bill for the anniversary gift?
1)a silver platter
2)The Silver Platters
5)Exercising, fixing a bike, or cleaning the garage
6)a football game
8)a bank
9)a sunshine day
10)Mike and Carol
93) YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD- Mike and Carols grandparents visit and end up eloping.
1)Carol's grandma's name is Connie A)Hutchins B)Hickens C)Hodges
2)What did Connie call Henry?
3)What was Henry's former profession?
4)What sport was Connie playing with the boys?
5)What was Bobby playing with in the park?
6)What were grandma and grandpa doing when they had their first fight?
7)Who took Connie to the park?
8)Who played matchmaker?
9)What did they send the Bradys at the end?
10)Where did they elope to?
1) A)Hutchins
2)Hank or judge
3)being a judge
5)an airplane
6)having dinner
8)Marcia and Jan
9)a postcard
10)Las Vegas
94) A ROOM AT THE TOP- A cleaning of the attic leaves it open as a bedroom which Greg and Marcia fight over and move in and out of.
1)What was the first thing Marcia moved into the attic?
2)What event did Marcia want to have in her attic room?
3)How many times did Greg move in and out of the attic?
4)Who tried to get Marcia to move out of the attic?
5)Where were Mike and Carol that evening?
6)Who cleaned out the attic?
7)Who cried?
8)Who first told Greg he could move into the attic?
9)True or False Greg wanted to move out of the house.
10)Why did Mike and Carol give Greg the attic?
2)a slumber party
3)in twice, out once
4)Bobby and Peter
5)the charity bazaar
10)because he was older
95) SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN BRADYS- The Bradys all star in a play to help Cindy raise money.
1)The play was to raise money to buy who a gift?
2)Who played the wicked queen?
3)Where did they have the play?
4)Who goes to the store for an apple?
5)Who played the only non-Brady dwarf?
6)What role did everyone want to play?
7)Cindy's teacher's name was A)Whiteland B)Whitland C)Whitfield
8)Why were Sam and Mike late getting back to do the play?
9)Who ate all the apples?
10)What gift were they buying with the money?
1)Cindy's teacher
3)the Brady backyard
4)Mike and Sam
7) C)Whitfield
8)They were stopped by a cop.
96) MAIL ORDER HERO- Bobby lies and tells his friends he knows Joe Nameth, but when Joe comes to town his friends call his bluff. Joe visits after receiving a phony letter about Bobby being sick.
1)What team did Joe Nameth play for?
2)In Bobby's dream where were he and Joe playing?
3)Who wrote Joe the letter?
4)What did Bobby say Joe did whenever he was in town?
5)Who was studying first aid?
6)What did Jan wrap Alice in?
7)Why was Joe in town?
8)What did Joe give Bobby?
9)True or False Bobby's friends got to see Joe.
10)True or False Carol and Mike went to see Joe's game?
2)the backyard
4)he has dinner with the Bradys
7)he had a game
8)a photo of Joe
97) THE ELOPEMENT- The Bradys mistakenly get the idea that Alice and Sam are eloping.
1)What gift do Sam and Alice finally agree on? A)a mixer B)a toaster C)china
2)True or False Sam and Alice get engaged.
3)What gift does Sam want to give their friends?
4)Who throws a reception for Sam and Alice?
5)Who's relative was actually eloping?
6)What instrument does Bobby play in this episode?
7)Which two Bradys first think Alice is eloping?
8)What sport were Sam and Alice playing when the Bradys thought they were eloping?
9)Who was Mrs. Harris?
10)What did Sam want Mike to find for him?
1) A)mixer
3)bowling balls
4)the Bradys
5)Sam's (his cousin Clara)
6)the organ
7)Marcia and Jan
9)she was a replacement for Alice on her honeymoon
10)low cost housing
98) ADIOS, JOHNNY BRAVO- Greg is chosen to be Johnny Bravo but when he learns it wasn't because of his abilities he rejoins the rest of the kids to sing.
1)What kind of animal was pictured all over Buddy's clothes?
2)What do the girl fans do to Greg?
3)Does Greg ever choose a college?
4)What did Greg do to his Johnny Bravo contracts after hearing his song?
5)What colors were the costumes of the singing Bradys?
6)Tami Cutler was A)an agent B)a groupie C)Greg's girlfriend
7)True or False Carol is a college graduate.
8)True of False The song lyrics say to "create a lot of love and good vibes for humanity."
9)Why was Greg picked to be Johnny Bravo?
10)How many songs did the Brady kids sing in this show?
2)rip his shirt
4)he riped them up
5)yellow and orange
6) A)an agent
9)he fit the suit
99) NEVER TOO YOUNG- Bobby thinks he's in love after getting his first kiss from a girl named Millicent.
1)What was Bobby playing before he got kissed?
2)What did Bobby see when he kissed Millicent?
3)What instrument does Mike play?
4)Who ran around saying "I've got a secret!"?
5)Who did Bobby go to for love advice?
6)Who saw Millicent kiss Bobby?
7)Was Bobby wearing braces?
8)What illness did Bobby think he may have caught from Millicent?
9)What dance did the Bradys do in their living room?
10)Where did they find Bobby hiding from everyone at?
3)a yukalali
9)the Charleston
10)the dog house
100) PETER AND THE WOLF- Greg's girlfriend needs a date for a visiting relative and Greg's only option is to use Peter after making him look older, but when their dates catch on they come up with a plan to get back at Greg and Peter.
1)What did Peter spill on his date?
2)Where did they go on their first date?
3)Mike's dinner guests were from what country?
4)What did Peter wear to look older?
5)Peter's alias was A)Bill B)Jack C)Phil
6)Where did they go on their second date?
7)Who put on the mustache at the end of the show?
8)What kind of relative was visiting Greg's date?
9)The girls names were A)Linda and Sally B)Jill and Kelly C)Sandra and Linda
10)Who did the dates pretend to like best?
2)the drive-in
5) C)Phil
6)pizza restaurant
8)her cousin
9) C)Sandra and Linda

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