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Episodes #81-#90


81) THE SHOW MUST GO ON??- Greg and Marcia get their parents to participate in a show at school where Marcia and Carol sing a duet and Greg helps Mike with a poetry reading.

1)What were Carol and Marcia dressed as in their act?
2)Who's idea was it for Marcia and Carol to sing a duet?
3)What did Greg do in his act with Mike?
4)Name one of the three things that came down on Mike during the act?
5)During their act who threw the stuff down on Greg and Mike?
6)Where did Sam want to go instead of taking Alice to the Family Night show?
7)Who told Sam Alice was seeing another man?
8)Which Bradys sat in the audience?
9)Mike's poem was written by A)Shakespeare B)Walden C)Longfellow
10)Complete this lyric "Through thick or through thin, all out or all in, we're gonna go through it _______. "
3)played guitar
4)feathers, water, a rubber chicken
5)Bobby and Peter
7)Jan and Cindy
8)Jan and Cindy
9) C)Longfellow
82) YOU CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL- Mike and Carol have a dinner party while Cindy gets cocky for winning the chance to be on a quiz show where she freezes up.
1)Name one of the 3 dinner styles Mike and Carol planned for their dinner party?
2)Who did Cindy kiss?
3)What two people did Cindy first tell she was picked to take the test?
4)Why didn't Bobby pass the test?
5)What did Bobby build?
6)How many questions did Cindy answer on the show?
7)What did Mike clean?
8)Who went with Cindy to the show?
9)The Bradys were expecting how many dinner guests A)10 B)26 C)32
10)What kind of make-up did Cindy take to the show?
1)Bar-B-Que, Mexican, Smorgasbord
3)Carol and Alice
4)he didn't study
5)a teepee
7)the bar-b-que
8)Mike and Carol
9) B)26
10)a compact
83) GOOD-BYE, ALICE, HELLO- Alice accidentally tells on the kids and they turn against her, until she quits and they find out what a drag her replacement is, so they hunt her down at her new job to convince her to return.
1)Alice told Carol she was leaving to work in a A)bar B)dress shop C)family restaurant
2)What did the boys do that Alice told on them?
3)What did Alice get a job doing?
4)What was the name of Alice's friend who took over after she quit?
5)Who was missing from this episode?
6)Who left the record player on?
7)Who did Alice overhear talking in the garage?
8)What sport did the boys try to get Kay to play?
9)How many times does Alice cry?
10)Did Alice tell the kids she was leaving?
1) B)dress shop
2)broke a lamp
7)Bobby and Cindy
84) LOVE AND THE OLDER MAN- Marcia has a crush on her dentist and thinks he's interested in her too until she discovers he's married and she must break off their nonexistent relationship.
1)The dentist's name was Dr. A)Bogal B)Gobal C)Vogal
2)Where did Marcia think the Dr. was taking her on their date?
3)What did Marcia fantasize about doing with the Dr. in a church?
4)Who did Marcia go to for advice?
5)Who's friend did Marcia end up going out with?
6)Where does Jan get the idea the Dr. would make a good husband?
7)Which other Brady went to the dentist?
8)What did the Dr. want Marcia to do for him?
9)What were the boys building?
10)Who told Marcia the Dr. was married?
1) C)Vogal
2)a ballet
3)getting married
6)a magazine (teen time romance)
9)a go-cart
85) EVERYONE CAN'T BE GEORGE WASHINGTON- Everyone thinks that because Peter is playing a trader that he is one too. He tries to quit the play to avoid all the heat but has a change of heart and performs anyway.
1)What part did Peter want?
2)Why couldn't Peter quit the play?
3)While fighting where did Peter get hit?
4)Name Peter's school.
5)Name one of the 3 ways he tried to get kicked out of the play?
6)What was Jan in charge of on the play?
7)Who helped Peter rehearse?
8)What did Peter pretend to trip on?
9)In the play rehearsal what did Peter forget to take off?
10)What did Mike use for snow?
1)George Washington
2)he promised his parents he wouldn't
3)his nose
4)Filmore Jr. High
5)a hurt ankle, laryngitis, forgetting his lines
6)building the sets
8)a skate
10)soap (Safe)
86) GREG'S TRIANGLE- Greg gets to help choose the head cheerleader but must choose between his sister Marcia and his girlfriend Jennifer.
1)What did Jennifer call Greg?
2)When giving her phone number to Greg where did Jennifer write it?
3)Did Greg pick Jennifer or Marcia?
4)What sport did Carol try to learn?
5)What did Carol bend?
6)Who was chairman of the committee to pick the head cheerleader?
7)Where did Greg and Jennifer go on their date?
8)Was Marcia mad at Greg at the end?
9)Who first helped Carol learn her new sport?
10)Was Jennifer mad at Greg at the end?
2)on Greg's hand
3)no (he picked Pat)
5)a golf club
7)the beach
87) BOBBY'S HERO- Bobby's hero gets him flack at school and at home until his parents find a way to convince him Jesse James was no hero, by bringing a man who's father was killed by James to talk to Bobby.
1)Who locked Bobby in the closet?
2)What was Mike saying just before Bobby's gun went off at the table?
3)Where did Mike get a book on Jesse James?
4)Complete this phrase: Jesse James was a _____ _____ _____.
5)In Bobby's dream where was he and his family?
6)What did Bobby get caught with at school?
7)Bobby's composition got a grade of A)A+ B)B+ C)C+
8)How much did Mike offer Peter to find his speech?
9)Who found Mike's speech?
10)Who was shot first in bobby's dream?
1)Greg and Peter
3)the library
4)mean dirty killer
5)on a train
6)a cap gun
7) C)C+
88) THE GREAT EARRING CAPER- Cindy takes and loses Carol's earrings then tries to find them, with Peter, but they fail until the family has a reenactment.
1)What did Cindy hide the earrings under?
2)Did Mike and Carol win the costume contest?
3)True or False Only one earring was damaged.
4)Who did Carol loan the earrings to?
5)Where did Carol want to wear the earrings?
6)What object did they get Mike's fingerprints off of?
7)Who did Mike and Carol dress up as?
8)Where did they find the earrings?
9)True or False Jan knew Cindy took the earrings.
10)Who emptied the laundry bag into the washer
1)a towel
5)costume party
6)a glass
7)Anthony and Cleopatra
8)in the washer
89) GREG GETS GROUNDED- Greg tries to live by exact words while Peter and Bobby search for the best jumping frogs that end up going on a date with Greg.
1)Who named Peter's frog?
2)What did Greg borrow to go get concert tickets?
3)What event did Greg have to take Peter and Bobby?
4)Name one thing Greg washed on this episode?
5)Name 2 things the frogs jumped on or in during Greg's date?
6)Where was Greg taking Bobby when he almost had a wreck?
7)Why did Greg nearly wreck?
8)What kind of concert was Greg getting tickets for?
9)Name Greg's date. A)Jennifer B)Kelly C)Rachel
10)Where did Greg take his date?
2)a friends car
3)a frog jumping contest
4)the car and the dishes
5)on pizza, in the popcorn, on his date's head
6)the pet store
7)he was looking at the back of an album cover
8)rock concert
9) C)Rachel
10)a drive-in movie
90) THE SUBJECT WAS NOSES- Marcia must break her date with Charlie to go out with big man Doug, but when Doug breaks their date because of her swelled nose, she realizes she picked the wrong guy.
1)Imitate what Marcia said and did when hit with the ball.
2)What excuse did Doug use to break his date with Marcia?
3)Who gave Marcia the "something suddenly came up" line?
4)Who did Marcia end up going out with?
5)What did Charlie deliver to the Brady house?
6)Where was Marcia going on her date with Doug?
7)Who's face did Greg accidentally get paint on?
8)Who threw the ball that hit Marcia?
9)What kind of ball hit Marcia?
10)What room did the Bradys repaint in this episode?
1)Put your hands over your nose and yell "Oh my nose!".
2)Something suddenly came up.
6)a school dance
9)a football
10)Mike and Carol's bedroom

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