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Episodes #71-#80
71) MY FAIR OPPONENT- Marcia makes over a wallflower and then ends up competing against her, and the girls new ego, for hostess.
1)What was the name of Marcia's school?
2)What was the occupation of the celebrity host?
3)True or False Marcia was the hostess of Banquet Night.
4)Marcia gave a makeover to A)Molly B)Mary C)Mavis
5)What did Mike and Carol have to teach Marcia to do for the banquet?
6)Who was the alternate to run for Banquet Night hostess?
7)Who told Marcia about the guest of honor at the banquet?
8)Who was drawing a smiley face on the chalkboard that Marcia changed to a frown?
9)What was the final competition to be Banquet Night hostess?
10)True or False The senior class chooses the final banquet hostess.
1)Filmore Jr. High
2)an astronaut
4) A)Molly
5)to dance slow (waltz)
10)false (the principal and a selection committee did)
72) HAWAII BOUND- The Bradys vacation in Hawaii where Bobby finds a tiki idol that causes bad luck for those who wear it, including Bobby and the surfing Greg.
1)Who got too many lai's at the Hawaii airport?
2)What war monument did they visit?
3)Who played Bobby and Cindy a song on the yukalali?
4)Describe the object that almost fell on Bobby in the hotel?
5)Did Carol wear a bikini or one piece swimsuit?
6)What was Mike doing for his company in Hawaii?
7)Where did Bobby find the Tabu idol?
8)What happened to the yukalali?
9)What part of her body did Alice injure and how?
10)How many hotel rooms did the Bradys rent?
2)Arizona Memorial
3)Don Ho
4)a big, green, metal, leaf
5)a one piece
6)overseeing a construction project
7)the construction site
8)Bobby sat on it
9)her back during a hula lesson
73) PASS THE TABU- After Alice and Peter get a taste of the bad luck tiki idol the boys find out more about it and decide to return it to the burial ground cave it came from to end the bad luck.
1)True or False Mike killed the spider.
2)Who did the boys tell they were going to the burial cave?
3)What mode of transportation did the boys use to go to the burial ground?
4)What food did the boys make a trail with?
5)What animal did Jan get her picture with?
6)Who saved Greg from drowning?
7)Who found Bobby's tiki idol on the beach?
8)How did the spider get in the hotel?
9)Who did Bobby give the idol to after he didn't want it anymore?
10)Who got the spider off Peter?
2)the girls
5)a bird
8)in Jan's bag
74) THE TIKI CAVES- In the burial cave the boys are held hostage by a crazy professor until Carol and Mike come to their rescue and everyone, including the professor, go to a luau.
1)Who guest stars as the professor?
2)What was the name of the professors tiki?
3)Who had the idol inside the cave?
4)What did the professor eat?
5)True or False The professors name was Whitehead?
6)Where does the professor think the boys found the tabu idol?
7)Who helped the boys put the idol back?
8)At the luau What did everyone have to blow?
9)What did Mike break with his suitcase?
10)Who helped Mike close his suitcase?
1)Vincent Price
6)in the cave
8)a shell
9)his sandal
75) TODAY I AM A FRESHMAN- Marcia joins a bunch of clubs to try to fit in at high school but realizes she's trying too hard.
1)What did Marcia shoot into Mike's briefcase?
2)Where did Marcia hold the boosters meeting?
3)What covered the booster club in mud?
4)What club did Marcia stay in?
5)True or False Marcia was in the yoga club.
6)How did Marcia keep from going to the first day of school?
7)What did Peter make for his science class?
8)Who asked Greg to show an introduce Marcia around?
9)What did Carol tell Marcia to join?
10)What was Marcia dressed as when she scared Alice?
1)an arrow
2)the patio
3)Peter's volcano
6)she played sick
7)a volcano
10)a scuba diver
76) CYRANO DE BRADY- Peter's Crush on a girl leaves him speechless but when he gets Greg to speak for him the girl falls for Greg instead, who then tries to convince her he's no good.
1)Which Brady was Carrie friends with?
2)Carrie's last name is A)Miller B)Harris C)Hathaway
3)True or False Carrie called Peter.
4)Where did Peter drop Carrie's books?
5)What did Peter spray on Carrie?
6)Who gave Peter the idea to write Carrie a letter?
7)Why didn't writing the letter help Peter?
8)Marcia played Greg's ex-girlfriend named A)Debbie B)Jill C)Kelly
9)Who watched Greg and Marcia's 'show' with Carrie?
10)Who gave away Marcia's true identity to Carrie?
2) C)Hathaway
7)he didn't sign his name to the letter
8) A)Debbie
9)Alice, Mike, Carol
77) FRIGHT NIGHT- The boys scare the girls with a ghost outside their window. The girls scare the boys with a ghost in the attic. Then all the kids plot to scare Alice.
1)Who was Carol's second sculpture model?
2)What did the attic ghost keep saying to the boys?
3)How many ghosts were seen in this episode?
4)Who broke Carol's bust of Mike?
5)Who tried to fix Carol's bust of Mike?
6)Which two Bradys saw the ghost outside the window?
7)How did the boys make a ghost?
8)Who won the kid's bet?
9)Who's voice did the attic ghost have?
10)Who's screams were on the cassette tape they were going to play for Alice?
2)"Let me out, I need air."
5)Bobby and Cindy
6)Jan and Cindy
7)they used the slide projector
8)the girls
78)CAREER FEVER- Mike thinks Greg wants to be an architect, but Greg struggles for a way to break the news that he really doesn't want to be one.
1)Who else knew Greg didn't want to be an architect?
2)Did Carol like Greg's drawings?
3)What did Cindy first want to be?
4)How many drawings did Greg make?
5)What did Bobby want to be?
6)Why did Mike think Greg wanted to be an architect?
7)What were Jan and Peter studying to become?
8)What gift did Mike give Greg?
9)What did Peters fatal disease turn out to be?
10)What was the first thing Greg tried to draw?
3)a model
5)a football player
6)Greg wrote a paper on being an architect
7)a doctor and a nurse
8)tools for drafting
9)poison ivy
10)a house
79) LAW AND DISORDER- Bobby brings his job home with him and begins ratting out the other kids until he too must break a rule to save a girls cat, before over-soaping his laundry. Meanwhile everyone rehabs an old boat.
1)Who brought home the boat?
2)What did Bobby catch Cindy doing at school?
3)What did Bobby catch Greg doing at home?
4)True or False Jan painted the boat in psychedelic colors.
5)Where was Bobby coming back from when he saved the cat?
6)What was the name of the cat Bobby saved? A)Tom B)Pandora C)Blacky
7)How much soap did Bobby use?
8)Who discovered Bobby in the suds?
9)While lifting the boat who's pants ripped?
10)True or False Jan was on Bobby's report for not setting the table.
2)running in the halls
3)he came home late
4)true (with Marcia)
5)getting his picture taken
6) B)Pandora
7)the whole box
8)Alice and Carol
80) JAN, THE ONLY CHILD- Jan only sees the downside of having siblings until they agree to be invisible to her and she realizes how lonely it is. Then everyone goes to a hoe-down.
1)Name Jan's friend who was an only child. A)Donna B)Peggy C)Susan
2)Who didn't want to go to the hoe-down?
3)Who's sweater did Jan try to borrow?
4)What kind of race did the Bradys have in their yard?
5)What dance did the Bradys do in their living room?
6)Who told Jan the kids were all just being nice to her until she gets over her phase?
7)Who let Jan have the phone?
8)What were Alice and Carol cooking? A)Jam B)Jelly C)Preserves
9)What did Marcia borrow from Jan without asking?
10)True or False Alice went to the hoe-down.
1) A)Donna
4)potato sack race
5)a square dance
8) C)preserves

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