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Episodes #21-30

21) THE BIG SPRAIN- Alice hurts herself while Carol is away and the kids learn responsibility by having to clean and cook for themselves.
1)Carol left to see her aunt ____. A)Kay B)Sue C)Mary
2)Alice fell on what game?
3)Did Carol appear in this episode?
4)What did the girls make for breakfast?
5)What card game did Bobby and Cindy want to play with Alice?
6)What did Alice trip on the second time?
7)What breakfast food did Cindy burn?
8)What did Alice miss because of her injury?
9)What did Sam give Alice?
10)Who put too much soap in the washer?
1) C) Mary
2)Chinese Checkers
5)Old Maid
8)the Meat Cutters Ball
22) THE HERO- Peter saves a girl's life when a wall of shelves nearly falls on her, but being a hero goes to his head.
1)What doll was the girl reaching for?
2)The name of the girl Peter saved was ____? A)Carrie B)Tina C)Julie
3)How much money did the paper give Peter? A)$20 B)$50 C)$25
4)What was the name of the toy store?
5)Besides family, who were the only other people at Peter's party?
6)What color were the shelves that fell?
7)What was the headline in the paper?
8)True or False The little girls mother paid for the party.
9)Who gave Peter the "Outstanding Citizen" award?
10)What did Alice make for Peter?
1)Kitty Karry-All
2) B) Tina
3) B)$50
5)The girl he saved(Tina) and her mother
6) red
7)'Boy Hero'
9)the newspaper
10)ice cream
23) LOST LOCKET, FOUND LOCKET- Jan receives a locket from an anonymous source only to lose it, and then find it with the help of a reenactment.
1)Who did Mike think sent the locket?
2)True or False Mike had sideburns in this episode?
3)What was Alice doing during the reenactment?
4)Who did the girls think sent the locket?
5)Who discovered the dropped letter on the package address?
6)Which letter "dropped" in the address on the envelope?
7)What excuse did Carol use to get out of the house to check Mike's typewriter?
8)What was Jan looking at when she lost the locket?
9)Why did Alice give Jan the locket?
10)What was Bobby doing during the reenactment?
3)writing a letter
4)a boy
6) "Y"
7)shopping for a coat for Alice
8)the constellation "Little Bear"
9)she wanted Jan to feel special because they were both middle sisters
10)brushing his teeth
24) THE POSSIBLE DREAM- Marcia fills her diary with thoughts of Desi Arnez Jr. but it's accidentally given away. After a search of used book stores it's recovered during a visit from Desi himself.
1)Who went with Carol to check the bookstores for Marcia's diary?
2)Where did Desi kiss Marcia?
3)What t.v. kid show host did Marcia used to think was "something special"?
4)Did Cindy recognize Desi?
5)What did Bobby and Peter buy to give to Marcia?
6)Where did Marcia hide her diary?
7)Who gave the diary to the book collector?
8)True or False Marcia was not mad at Cindy.
9)Who got Desi to come to the Brady house?
10)Who went with Mike to check the bookstores?
2)the cheek
3)Captain Kangaroo
5)a new diary
6)the garage
25) GOING, GOING...STEADY- Marcia chases her first crush by taking on his hobby in order to get him to go steady.
1)Who helped Marcia learn about bugs?
2)Did Harvey wear glasses?
3)What was Carol afraid to tell Mike?
4)Which two kids imitated Marcia and Harvey?
5)True or False Cindy was in this episode.
6)What was Harvey's hobby?
7)Who did Carol pay to collect bugs for Marcia?
8)What make-up did Cindy have smeared on her face?
9)When the girls were trying to look older what did Jan put on in Carol's room?
10)How old was Marcia in this episode?
3)Marcia wanted to go steady
4)Greg and Jan
6)bug collecting
8)Carol's Lipstick
26)THE DROPOUT- When Don gives Greg a compliment on his baseball skills it goes to Greg's head and he becomes obsessed with his future in the game.
1)Why was Don Drysdale at the Brady house?
2)What did Greg want to quit?
3)How many times did Don visit?
4)Which 4 Brady's were at the game?
5)Greg's number was A)12 B)53 C)38
6)What team did Don Drysdale play for?
7)What was Greg doing in the middle of the night that woke up Alice, Mike, and Carol?
8)What pitch did Don show Greg how to throw?
9)What kind of lesson's were the girls attending?
10)What was the name of Greg's team or their colors?
1)Mike had drawn plans for his new house
2)high school
4)Mike Peter Bobby and Greg
5) B)53
7)lifting weights
10)Tigers or green and white
27) THE BABYSITTERS- Greg and Marcia sit with their siblings but have trouble getting their parents to stop worrying and checking up on them, especially when Cindy gets symptoms of a cold.
1)What cold symptom did Cindy have?
2)How much were Greg and Marcia getting paid an hour, each?
3)What excuse did Carol give Mike to leave the table so she could call home?
4)What did Mike try to teach Bobby not to do?
5)What did Peter once cut his foot on?
6)What was Bobby eating in the family room ?
7)Who was on the phone when Mike and Carol tried to call home?
8)Where was Alice going to be?
9)Mike and Carol were going to A)dinner and a show B)dinner and a movie C)a hotel
10)Who did the police catch in the backyard?
2)75 cents
3)a snap broke on her dress
4) not to open the door to strangers
8)(hanging curtains) at Sam's
9) A)dinner and a show
10)Mike, Carol, and Alice
28) THE TREASURE OF SIERRA AVENUE-While playing the boys find a wallet, then try to find the owner and eventually collect a reward.
1)What sport were the boys playing in the lot?
2)How much money was in the wallet?
3)Where did Mike take the wallet?
4)Which boy actually found the wallet?
5)True or False The Bradys put an ad in the paper.
6)What was the reward amount the man gave the boys?
7)What was the wallet owner doing in the lot?
8)What did Jan refuse to share with Peter?
9)True or False The boys decided to share with the girls.
10)Marcia refused to share A)a pencil B)paper C)an eraser
3)police station
7)changing a flat tire
8)hair brush
10) B)paper
29) THE UN-UNDERGROUND MOVIE- Greg struggles for creative control of his history project, a film staring all of the Bradys about the early settlers.
1)What parts did Bobby and Peter want to play?
2)Greg complained about the family giving him too much of this.
3)While switching from one costume to another what did Alice forget to take off?
4)Who was in charge of snow?
5)What grade did Greg get on his movie?
6)What did the Brady's eat while viewing Greg's movie?
7)Who played Pricilla?
8)What did Greg forget to take off the camera?
9)Who was Mike taking movies of at the start of this episode?
10)Who was in the stocks when it snowed?
5) an 'A'
8)the lens cap
9)Cindy and Bobby
30) THE SLUMBER CAPER Marcia is falsely accused of writing an insulting caption on a picture at school, then she falsely accuses someone else of the crime. The whole truth unfolds at her slumber party.
1)Who told a ghost story at the party?
2)What game did the girls play?
3)What did Marcia do to the girl she thought wrote the caption?
4)What was the main food dish at the party?
5)True or False Cindy was too young to attend the party.
6)What did the boys dress up as?
7)What did the boys put in the sleeping bags?
8)Who was Marcia actually trying to draw?
9)What was the schools punishment for Marcia?
10)Marcia's teachers name was A)Mrs. Denton B)Mrs. Baily C)Mrs. Daily
2)truth or dare
3)she uninvited her to the party
4)hot dogs
6)ghosts (w/monster faces)
7)itching powder
8)George Washington
9)stay after school
10) A)Mrs. Denton

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