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Episodes #101-#105
101) GETTING GREG'S GOAT- Greg steals an opposing team's mascot goat and tries to hide it in his room but Mike thinks it's a girl Greg is hiding.
1)What was the goat's name A)Raquel B)Rachel C)Rhonda
2)True or False Alice knew Greg had the goat hidden in his room.
3)Who did Carol bring to the house for a meeting?
4)What was Greg's punishment?
5)The goat was from which high school? A)Westdale B)Kennedy C)Coolidge
6)Where did Mike overhear Greg talking to the goat?
7)Who else once stole a mascot?
8)Who, besides Mike, did Greg tell about the goat?
9)Who let the goat out of Greg's room?
10)In what room did they finally catch the goat?
1) A)Raquel
3)the PTA
4)write an essay
5) C)Coolidge
7)Mike (and Greg's principal)
9)Bobby and Peter
10)Mike and Carol's bedroom
102) THE CINCINNATI KIDS- The Bradys go to Kings Island amusement park where Mike's plans get mixed up with a poster of Jan's which she losses and the whole family must search for the plans in the park.
1)What two people rode the slide?
2)What did Bobby and Cindy spend the majority of their time doing?
3)Where did Jan find Mike's sketches?
4)Which ride did Jan and Marcia not ride? A)log flume B)the barrels C)roller coaster
5)Who did Alice hand the sketches to?
6)Jan bought a poster of A)Scooby Doo B)Yogi Bear C)a giraffe
7)Greg tried to get a girl by throwing what?
8)Who drove the old-time car, Jan or Marcia?
9)While searching Alice got caught riding what ride?
10)Who dressed up in a bear suit to get a girl?
1)Alice and Carol
3)the boat
4) B)the barrels
5)Bobby and Cindy
6) B)Yogi Bear
9)the barrels
103) QUARTERBACK SNEAK- Carol's high school flame visits as Marcia tries to date the opposing teams quarterback, Jerry Rogers. Jerry's spotted trying to take Greg's football playbook, so the boys set a trap with a phony playbook.
1)What school was Westdale playing?
2)What was Marcia doing when she met Jerry?
3)For what piece of army equipment was Carol's ex-boyfriend named?
4)Who saw Jerry try to steal the playbook?
5)Who won the game?
6)What did Carol's ex-boyfriend call her?
7)What drink did Marcia attempt to serve Jerry?
8)Who convinced Greg to tell Jerry about the fake playbook?
9)How many cakes did Alice make?
10)True or False Cindy liked Jerry.
2)putting up posters
104) MARCIA GETS CREAMED- Marcia, then Peter, then Jan all get jobs at Haskell's when the manager takes time off until Peter, and then Marcia, get the boot.
1)Which Bradys were customers of Haskells Ice Cream Shop?
2)Marcia's boyfriend's name was A)Jeff B)Bill C)Steve
3)What were Mike, Carol and Alice trying to lose?
4)Who fired Peter?
5)True or False Marcia and her boyfriend made up.
6)Who got Peter his job at Haskells?
7)What did Marcia spray on her boyfriend?
8)What did Mr. Haskell do to try to relax?
9)Why did Mr. Haskell say he picked Jan over Marcia? A)Marcia ate too much ice cream  B)Jan had bigger breasts      C)Jan was a better worker
10)What job did Peter finally end up with?
1)Cindy, Bobby (Alice was there but didn't buy anything)
2) A)Jeff
7)whipped cream
8)played golf
9) C)Jan was the better worker
10)pizza delivery boy 
105) MY BROTHER'S KEEPER- When Peter thinks Bobby is his hero he agrees to be his slave. Bobby takes advantage of this causing a rift and a decision to split their room, until Peter saves Bobby's life.
1)Who split the room in half with tape?
2)Who had the half of the room with the bathroom?
3)Where was Bobby trapped?
4)Peter's girlfriend's name was A)Barbera B)Kelly C)Becky
5)How did Bobby think Peter saved his life?
6)What almost fell on Peter?
7)What color paint covered Bobby?
8)Were the girls getting paint or wallpaper for their room?
9)Peter smashed his thumb making what for Bobby?
10)Who stuck their foot in paste?
4) A)Barbera
5)he let Bobby out of the closet
6)the ladder
9)a go-cart
106) TRY, TRY AGAIN- Jan thinks she's a no talent loser when she's a clutz at dancing, and acting until she discovers her one talent.
1)What kind of dance recital did Jan not get picked for?
2)Who gave Jan the idea of being a drum majorette.
3)What did Jan break with the baton?
4)Name the 2 types of dance Jan tried.
5)Who's soufflé did Jan knock to the floor?
6)Where in the house did Jan practice dancing?
7)Who was in the dance recital?
8)Who let Jan win at ping pong?
9)Who went to Jan's acting audition with her?
10)What talent did Jan finally discover she had?
3)the window
4)ballet and tap
6)the bathroom
7)Marcia and Cindy
107) KELLY'S KIDS- The Kelly's adopt three diverse boys who run away to the Bradys after thinking their causing trouble for their parents in the neighborhood.
1)Give the ethnic background of each Kelly kid: Matt, Dwayne, and Steve.
2)Who came to the Kelly's door to complain about the kids?
3)Who wrote the note when the Kelly boys ran away?
4)True or False Carol made cocoa.
5)Was Alice in this episode?
6)The Kelly's were the Brady's A)relatives B)neighbors C)wife swapping partners
7)Who found the kids after they ran away?
8)What did Ken try to teach the boys?
9)What was Ken's occupation?
10)What characters from literature did the Kelly kids compare themselves to?
1)Matt- white Dwayne- African-American Steve- Asian
2)their neighbor (Mrs. Payne)
6) B)neighbors
8)a dance
9)a nightclub entertainer
10)The Three Musketeers
108)THE DRIVER'S SEAT- Greg and Marcia bet on who's the better driver. Jan and Marcia get lessons on concurring their fear then Marcia competes with Greg on a Brady made obstacle driving course.
1)Did Marcia take a driver's ed class?
2)Who's idea was the driving course?
3)What was on the last cone in the Brady driving course?
4)Jan competed in what kind of competition?
5)As the loser of the bet Greg had to do what for Marcia for a year?
6)What advice did Mike give Jan and Marcia?
7)Greg and Marcia made two bets, who one the first bet?
8)What other episode was the driving instructor in?
9)Who did better on the written exam?
10)What were the letters on the license plate? A)TEL B)ABC C)CBS
3)an egg
5)her chores
6)to imagine everyone in their underwear
8)#11 "54-40 and Fight"
10) A)TEL
109) MISS POPULARITY- Jan makes promises she doesn't keep when the elections over and then became the least popular girl at school and at home.
1)Who took Jan to the banquet?
2)What did Marcia make for Jan's campaign?
3)Which Brady kid did Jan promise would help her classmate with algebra?
4)Did Jan win the election?
5)Jan wouldn't let Bobby and Cindy A)play checkers B)listen to music C)watch t.v
6)Name one of the three places Mike and Carol wanted to go for the weekend?
7)What food did Alice make to help Jan campaign?
8)What did Jan promise to do for Peter and Bobby?
9)Did Mike and Carol get to go on their trip?
10)What did Peter and Bobby make to help Jan?
2)a poster
5) C)watch t.v
6)the beach, the mountains, a dude ranch
7)fortune cookies
8)loan them money
10)they made flyers
110) OUT OF THIS WORLD- Peter and Bobby see a u.f.o which causes Bobby to dream of an alien encounter then the police arrive and Greg confesses to his creation.
1)On what part off the body does Greg have a large bump?
2)What was written on the spaceship in Bobby's dream?
3)What color was the hair of the aliens in Bobby's dream?
4)Who developed the photographs Peter took?
5)What did Greg use to make the u.f.o.?
6)What color was the u.f.o. Peter and Bobby saw?
7)Where did Bobby and Peter visit at the beginning of this episode?
8)Who caught Greg making the u.f.o?
9)Did Greg get punished?
10)The aliens in Bobby's dream were from the planet A)Kaplutis B)Zeni C)Mars
1)his lip
5)a flashlight and a whistle
7)a television show
10) A)Kaplutis

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